Monday, 17 June 2013

Date Night Review - The Meat Market, Covent Garden

Yesterday we had the pleasure of going to Meat Market with our friend Jemma. We had heard of it previously and stumbled across the entrance to the Meat Market while wandering the back streets of Covent Garden finding another venue.

The Meat Market is an upmarket takeaway with a menu that was ever so tasty. It also had a seating area that allows you to watch people shopping below. Not that we noticed as we had spent 3 hours catching up before we realised it!

You order on arrival, then it is brought to your table - although we had reached the seating area before we noticed that- so we headed back towards the door and made our choice of the menu board.

Jemma and I both went for the Ripper hotdog, Laura had the Dead Hippie burger and we had the most amazing mini corndogs as a side dish. Oh and the fries were really good too! It was also a benefit to have bottomless soda - who doesn't LOVE free refills!

The food was delicious. The hotdog had quite a kick, or maybe that was the mustard! Together with the chips it was really filling....although a bit pricey once you added the drink! It worked out to be £13.50.

Laura's burger had a perfect meat & cheese to bun ratio, and was cooked to perfection (still pink in the middle)! The double burger made for a satisfying meal and next time we are in the area we'll definitely stop by again.
The atmosphere was relaxed and although the service was slow-ish (as there was only one person on the till) it was still a really nice place to chill out and catch up. If you are out and about near Covent Garden and need a meal that will fill you up without being too heavy then this place is well worth checking out!

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  1. It all looks delicious but outside anything I am going to be eating for quite some time... I have finally started doing something about my weight... I am determined :)


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