Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Six weeks to go......Sarah's Almost 30!

In approximately 6 weeks I'll be hitting 30 years old.

I'm not phased by age, it's just a number after all, but it turns out others are. In the last few weeks alone I have been asked my numerous people if I am where I thought I would be at 30.

Truth is, I have never sat down and written a list of things I've wanted to achieve but there were certain things I wanted to do, places to see and achievements to tick off. As I stop and write this post I look at where I am in my life and I simply couldn't be happier.

My birthday is July, which has meant that I was always one of the younger ones in my school year and as such people always went through life stages before me - passing their driving test, buying alcohol etc and that meant I could follow rather than lead - and I liked it that way.

The older I've gotten, the less I've followed others, but I have noticed that the 'Things to do by 30' lists all seem to have the same things on them:
Fall in love                                         Break-up with someone
Bungee Jump                                     Submit to post secret
Get married                                        Have a baby
Buy a house                                       Live abroad
Get a tattoo                                        Own a designer handbag
Attend a festival                                  Earn my age
Visit Australia                                     Get in shape
Live in a city                                      Learn to cook
Read 10 classic books                         Learn a new language
Start a pension                                   Get a degree
Volunteer for charity                           Do something impulsive
Stay up all night                                

And I seem to have ticked almost all of them off, so maybe I am more conventional than I thought!

I've fallen in love, gotten engaged and bought a house!

I've lived in 2 amazing cities: London and Sydney!

Embraced the more extreme!

And the slightly crazier times.
Well staying up all night is kinda crazy right?!  Especially dressed as insects!

I've gotten comfortable and happy with my beach body, and well I may not have actually gotten to dump the real Ronaldo, but I got this close to a look-a-like!

The lists made me think about what a great life I have had up to this point, how much all my hard work has paid off, and how lucky I've been - so bring on the next 30!

What's on your before-30 bucket list?


  1. I'm actually looking forward to 30 - people in their 30's seem to know who they are so much more than people in their 20's, and be generally more settled in life!
    S xx

  2. 30 was a rough birthday year for me... by the time I was 40 I could have cared less... my 40's have been amazing, I grew the most there..

    You have had an amazing 30 years girl, I love how happy you two are... you always put a smile on my face when you post :)

  3. It sounds like you've had a pretty darn successful and FUN 30 years so far!! Happy early birthday to you, cheers!


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