Thursday, 27 June 2013

Throwback Thursday: Happy Birthdays to Us!

Happy Throwback Thursday!
Almost 2 weeks from Sarah's 30th, we are throwin' it back to our best childhood birthdays!


The birthday from my childhood that I'll always remember most is my 4th birthday - otherwise known as the 'fairy party'. We were living in Sydney, Australia, and my parents hired a (you guessed it!) fairy to entertain all of my friends and family.

The only problem was, I was a very shy four year old, and wanted nothing to do with it! So when the fairy asked the birthday princess (me) to go to the front of the group for some special magic, I flat out refused, and my cousin ended up going in my place! Obviously now I'd be all over it (special attention? Yes please!) so it's funny that I spent so much of my life so incredibly shy.

We had an awesome cake, and I got my face painted - what more could a birthday princess ask for?

This post was a challenge as birthdays have always worked out pretty well for me - even more so since I met my lovely Laura (boy does that girl know how to organise a good surprise!) so I've kind of cheated and picked two birthdays - one from my childhood and one from my time with Laura.

Throughout my childhood I had some amazing birthday parties - because I was a July baby, I was always lucky enough to have birthdays in the sun. The other reason was that my birthday tended to fall in the last week of school, so no-one had left for holidays, and so all came to my parties. Unlike my poor sister, whose  birthday is two weeks later, and by then everyone had left the country!

Most of my childhood birthdays involved playing in the garden surrounded by ridiculous amounts of children's toys, as my mum was a childminder. But the birthday that really stands out was my 8th birthday, which was held at a Wimpy's (UK 80's version of a McDonald's) - this was my first and only professionally organised party, and included a visit from the famous Mr. Wimpy.

Happy as a kid with a giant beefeater character next to her
The party featured the customary disco dancing competition, won by yours truly, a round of pass the parcel, a fast food lunch, and a Happy Birthday song and gifts from Mr. Wimpy himself. I got a piano keyboard with pre-set tunes so I could 'play' over it. In retrospect, pretty hardcore gift from a fast food restaurant - McDonalds wouldn't give you that these days!

I took that very keyboard in for show and tell on the first week of the new school term, so I got to relive the whole experience, and that's why it remains one of my favourite childhood birthdays!

So that just leaves me to mention my absolute best birthday ever, which was when I turned the obscure age of 29, and my beautiful fiancee organised a party and gift that was well worthy of me turning 30 (as I will be turning in 2 weeks' time!). You might remember that Laura gave me a trip to NYC over New Years! Check out the details HERE. Even better, turned out it'd be our first trip as an engaged couple!

I can't wait for my 30th now! :)


  1. Awe... those are some lovely birthdays to remember... I love posts like these...

    I don't have a favorite birthday of my own (maybe my 50th this year) but I remember one from my oldest where she LOVED Jem and the Holograms and practically every birthday gift was something about Jem... she loved it and I loved who excited she was... she turned 7 that year :)

  2. And don't forget the fairies for your cake your very talented and creative Mum made! ;D


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