Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Women We Wish Were Gay

Y'all ready for some eye candy up in herr'? Yeah, we just said y'all. And it doesn't suit either of us.

ANYway, lately we've been recoNIZin' how many beautiful women there are in showbiz, and thought we'd make a list of those we really wish more than ANYTHING EVER were lesbian-tastic. Because obviously then they'd love us and we could live happily ever after in our polygamous lesbian relationship with all these women. All of them.

Isla Fisher

Sarah's number one girly crush, and probably her first love, on Home & Away back in the day. I mean, gorgeous.

Sophia Bush

Laura's number one girly crush! Not really for the acting (what's she in again?), just for the smoldering amazingness.

Emma Stone

Because how amazing and funny and awesome is she? And super hot to boot, though more as a redhead than a blonde!

Zooey Deschanel/Katy Perry

One of them sang about kissing a girl, but I'm not sure who, because THEY LOOK EXACTLY ALIKE!! Anyway, we wish they'd both continue to kiss girls and not date douches like John Mayer. Katy's boob attire is fabulous, also.

Holly Madison

She's already mostly made up of rainbows (she even named her new daughter Rainbow!) so would it have been that much of a stretch for her to have left Hef for... Laura. She's so cute preggo too! But we didn't put any pics in because we would have felt like creepers.

Anne Hathaway

Again, fun, quirky, funny and intelligent - and totally rocks a pixie cut.

Naya Rivera

We think she's probably on every girl's list! She's just perfect. And she already (very convincingly) plays a lesbian on TV, so we think it should extend to her real life.

Mila Kunis

Laura has loved her since she was Jackie on That 70's Show - and she's got a hot dark streak. And speaks Russian!

Anna Faris

Looking at this list, its obvious we LOVE funny girls - there's nothing hotter than a sense of humor! (and great boobs. Like Anna.)

Tina Fey

Last but certainly not least, is Sarah's doppelganger. She's certainly not as glamorous as some of the other girls, but definitely has a little somethin' somethin' - she's so funny and hot and awesome.

Who's on your 'Gay Agenda'? (That's right Republicans, we want your hotties!! - Sincerely, the entire LGBT community)


  1. Ooh, we should do this post, although I fear L's section would just be a picture of Cheryl... :-/ But I loved Isla Fisher too! And I loved Mila Kunis on That 70s Show too, although I also loved Laura Prepon who played Donna :)

    S xx

  2. So many great choices! I love telling my husband that if I could have a "guilt free three" then number one is Taylor Swift, and two then Amber Heard. Number three is an open spot depending on whom I'm currently crushing on.

    I joke with my husband that if he ever gets a chance to sleep with Taylor Swift- PLEASE TAKE ONE FOR THE TEAM. TAP THAT FOR ME. ;) We're super weird.

  3. These are the most perfect choices! I think I would also add Taylor Swift and Kristen Stewart and Cori would choose Pink and Missy Peregrym. Laura... I love that your number 1 girl crush is Sophia Bush. I love her as well! =)

  4. Didn't you know? Naya Rivera and Anne Hathaway are my girlfriends!!
    Loved this list!!
    I'd like to add Mariska Hargitay, Sara Ramirez and Anna Kendrick. :)


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