Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Why We Believe We Deserve a Nandos Black Card/High 5 - Prepare to Be Persuaded

If you’re a Nandos Fan-do (like we are), you’ll undoubtedbly have heard of the fabled Black Card – which entitles its holder and four of their friends to free Nandos anyday, anytime, anyplace, for a whole year. It’s super secretive, highly sought-after, reserved for the famous and super-awesome, it seems, and we feel we fit under the latter category.

Of course, they say on their website that nobody who has ever asked for a Black Card has ever received one, so we’re pretty much taking ourselves out of the running by writing this post, but we figure we didn’t have much of a chance to begin with, so why not stun them with our top persuasive writing and list making skills? (Thanks, Advanced Placement English Writing!)

1. We wrote our very first ever ‘What We Love Wednesdays’ segment on Nandos. Back when our blog was a baby blog, we were publicly singing peri-peri praises. And if you look through our Tweets, posts, Instagrams, we haven’t stopped – we were dubbed ‘Nandos Fan-do’s’ by a non-appreciator last year, and have taken it as a loving term. Like Directioners, or… Beliebers (why are the only examples we can think of teen boys?)

2. We’ve gone far and wide to visit Nandos. We’ve calculated, we’ve visited 20 different restaurants, in 10 cities, in 3 countries. That’s just in the last 4.5 years, since we’ve been together. According to Google maps, we’ve travelled 14,000 miles in search of a chicken pita or two.

3. We’ve introduced TONS of people to Nandos! Visitors from abroad, vegetarians who didn’t realise just how awesome a chicken restaurant could be for non-chicken eaters, those who didn’t see the appeal (pre-us, of course) – now they are all loyal fans!

4. We’re helping them be better. Laura, the grammar and spelling police that she is, has brought errors to Nandos attention numerous times over the years – the most noteworthy one is a missed letter on a paragraph mural at the Fulham Broadway location in London. She showed the error to the manager, who looked a bit 
perplexed, and has not done anything about it in the 3 years since this happened. To this day the mural says ‘the' instead of 'they' – but hey, we tried! And in research about the new loyalty card, Laura notified them of a classic ‘to’ ‘too’ mix-up situation on their website. Therefore making them more appealing to people who are bothered by errors, like herself. You’re welcome!

5. We are fierce Nando-defenders. You don’t want to get into an argument with us about how you think Nandos is just a more expensive KFC… or we’ll no doubt end up turning you into Nandos fans!

6. We are naming our (eventual) puppy Nando. Yeah, this def is happening – our future family has always included an orange/brown fluffy girl named Nando. She will be peri, peri cute (see what we did there?)

Peri, peri cute.
7. Writing all this has made us want Nandos SO much that we’re going to go there for dinner! Watch out Westfields!

We’re convinced! We’re some of the most dedicated fans ever. So we should definitely get free Nandos, don't you think? 


  1. Oooh, this made us crave chicken!! Haha, hope you get the black card! xx

  2. Even though I LOVE chicken I have still yet to go to a Nando's... I was always under the impression that it was just spicy food & I can't do spicy but someone told me I'm wrong... As experts what do you say?


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