Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Sarah & Laura's Wedding: 5 Months To Go!!

It's speeding up, our wedding is only 5 months away (!!!!)

Over Christmas we didn't do much wedding-wise, so completely forgot to do a 6 months to go post! But in the new year, we seem to have realised how little time we have left, and have sprung into action, along with our lovely wedding planner.

We've planned a lot of the 'before' bits of the wedding - Las Vegas for our hen do, Boise for a few days, and booked McCall for the main bit of our honeymoon. We've booked hotels, friends have booked, we are looking into matching t-shirts which Laura will be forcing even the boys to wear, and we've set up our registry. We have decided to ask for contributions towards larger items of furniture for our home, as while we have cutlery and plates etc, we really need a bed! And cupboards, and dining chairs, etc!

We have also started looking into beautifying before the big day - gone to a tanning salon (don't worry, we're not going orange, but it's irresponsible to go to Las Vegas and Boise in the summer completely pale - it's a recipe for sunburn disaster!!), Laura has booked her hair highlighting appointment a few days before we go, and we are looking into various other things to help us look and feel our best.

We've re-launched our sweating for the wedding, starting with healthy eating and some good old-fashioned Tao Bo on VHS (yay Billy Blanks!) - this week we are beginning to walk/run the 3.5 miles to our car we'd usually take the bus to get home on. We have signed ourselves up for another 5K with our friend Karen, this one is called The Electric Run, its a huge dark dance party with bright clothing and music!! We want to tone up, Laura wants to lose a bit more weight, and we just want to look the best version of ourselves.

We are getting RSVPs as well, which is great - sadly, we've had a few surprise declines, but we understand that it's a long way to go, so always expected that we couldn't have everyone there that we wanted to. We are just so excited though for those who can make it. We will get to spend so much time with our guests, especially those who will be at Vegas beforehand, and because its a whole weekend, so we just feel so incredibly lucky that we mean enough to our guests to go all that way!

We've been sorting out the finer details, like presents for our bridal party and families, what kind of chairs will we have, what will everyone wear to get ready on the day? These things are the 'fun' bit of planning, we are loving it, and its pretty much all we think about at the moment! (Even Sarah!)

Sarah's mum took another leap forward this month, she asked if she could walk Sarah down the aisle. This is wonderful news, and such a long way from where we came from!

It's all really coming together- we can picture it, things are being ordered, invites are being designed - I mean, it's just amazing. We feel so lucky!

One more thing, we were very kindly asked to be featured in Jason Dottley's new music video, for his song called 'Love Story'. You may remember we did an interview with him awhile back - he's become a lovely friend since, and we can't wait to meet up with him when he makes it to the UK.

Our bit is at the very end!



  1. Wow, this is so awesome being in the video and the wedding is coming up... it sounds like you have a handle on it, the best thing is getting the wedding planner, it gives you a little less to worry about. The day will be beautiful I am sure :)

  2. I have been following your blog for almost a year and I just watched your video with Jason Dottley. Thank you for putting yourselves out there as role models. I just wanted to let you know that you are reaching us, the kids who look up to you and identify with your relationship. I always look forward to your new blogs, and you have really inspired some great ideas for my girlfriend and I to try. We're new to this whole gay relationship, so seeing how you guys started off and how you've grown from everything really gives us something to see that we're not alone. And all that stuff with Sarah's parents, it's been really encouraging. Knowing that it might take years but things just HAVE to get better.. You two are very inspiring. Thank you for sharing your lives, and I look forward to reading your adventures to come.

    1. Thank you for your comment Anon. We really appreciate you taking the time to get in touch and for your kind words, the blog has always been a great way to keep track of how far we have come in our 5 years together - things may not always be easy but it's definitely worth pursuing happiness! All the best xo


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