Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Home is where the heart is!

It's fair to say that we have been hard at work on our house, we wanted to keep it under wraps until it was at a point where it looked like our home instead of a house we moved into. However as we aren't decorating aces quite yet, we haven't gotten further than the ground floor but we wanted to share where we have changed so far!

This was our lounge when we first moved in:

This our lounge now:

We picked out the grey because it will go with decorations for every season! It's also nice and girly. The red had overpowered the room and made it look small, in our opinion, and we wanted a lighter, brighter shade. We had picked the colour from samples Laura had ordered and committed to the paint after seeing it in the pot. Sarah's parents had a friend who could get us a significant discount so the decision was made.

Since then we have added the addition of our much loved corner couch, something Sarah had always wanted in her home - and its in her favourite colour! We finished it with cushions that came with the couch and Sarah got the middle one for Laura at Christmas. Sarah's Mum even recovered an old chair to match our colour scheme!

Our lounge is finished with a fire place we were lucky enough to get as part of the house and with knick knacks given as house warming gifts. We were so happy to have a fireplace at Christmastime!

We also brought in a shelving unit we had purchased at the flat and filled it with a few of our favourite things including designer Diet Coke! Sarah's sister gave us a set of tables that we are currently using as a TV stand and our blinds were finally installed on Thursday which is nice, as before we had a very expensive looking... sheet haha! We have a lot of space on our walls which isn't like us, but we are awaiting our wedding photos to finish the room!!

We have to say we LOVE the lounge. It's probably where we spend most of our time, snuggled watching films and enjoying our space together.

Next door to the lounge is our kitchen/dining room. The space has already seen it's fair share of action- from Thanksmas to Sarah's parents coming up at Christmas Day! Thankfully the kitchen came with integral dishwasher (Laura's favourite appliance), washing machine and fridge-freezer. It was also finished to a really high standard, with tile colours we loved, it was part of the reason we loved the house from the moment we saw it.

We have an extendable table, perfect for our gatherings and found sparkly mats that match our very pink cushions. In time we will invest in other chairs but for now our 'Jeffs' from Ikea are working well.

A few other additions include a gorgeous print that our bridesmaid Julia drew and the happiness sign Sarah's Mum got us as a moving in gift:
 The house is our ongoing project and we are loving it, every picture we hang or part that we paint makes it feel more like our home and we couldn't be happier in it.


  1. It's looking good girls! Can't wait to see it in person in September! Love youz! xxx

    1. We can't wait to welcome you :) and show you where the Christmas Ikea gift money was spent! xx

  2. I love that grey! It's almost similar to the tone in my bedroom. It sometimes comes up blue in certain lightings though. LOL

    1. Glad you like it! You're right we have noticed at certain times of day or in photos it does look bluish - we have used some in our room too as we liked it so much :)

  3. The house looks awesome... you two are making a home... I am so happy for you ♡♥♡

  4. Your place looks great! I'm in love with the lounge! -Steph


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