Thursday, 2 October 2014

Something We've Been Meaning To Tell You!

Hopefully you enjoyed our update and launch back in the blogging world! But we feel like there is something missing that we need to tell you about. The wedding pictures and video! 

To clarify it is not that we aren't dying to make our pictures public, trust us we are! After all the well wishes and messages of congratulations we want nothing more than to share memories of that amazing day with those of you who have followed us on our journey. However our wonderful wedding planner Brandi submitted out wedding plans to Martha Stewart long before we got married and we are now waiting to hear back about whether or not we are being featured. That means until we hear back that we can’t publicise our photos anywhere! Including personal Facebook sites!

In hindsight had we known quite how long the process would be I think we would have reconsidered but we have come this far and the end is hopefully in sight. Plus as Laura has been working away quite a bit so we haven’t had much time to sit down, reflect and enjoy them so by the time we find out it might be perfect timing as we will have decided on the ones we want to share.

In short we have our wedding pictures, we love them and we hope to be able to share them shortly!

So back to the weekend! As things have turned out this weekend was both perfect and imperfect all at the same time. Imperfect because we haven’t had a weekend chilling in our home, alone, for a while – a combination of Laura being away and wonderful guests- so it would have been a great weekend to chill and do nothing. 

Perfect because despite it being an opportunity to nothing we had inadvertently booked in a busy weekend. We blame this solely on a wonderful musician called Jason Mraz. 
When we found out Jason was playing the UK with his ‘YES’ tour we had to be there. When we saw the list of venues we were slightly disappointed, his only London gig was on a Friday night at the Royal Albert Hall, a beautiful but massive venue. Our concern was that we would end up sat really far away and as we would have to come from work it would all be a bit of a rush, not quite the experience we wanted. 

In a stroke of luck I looked at the next venue and it was Cambridge. We had never been to a gig/concert anywhere but London so I’m not sure what made me look but I after spotting Cambridge I had an idea. I’d never been to Cambridge, Laura had never been to Cambridge – how about we visit Cambridge together for the first time together and see Jason Mraz!

We were lucky because the tickets were significantly cheaper than those for the Royal Albert Hall, the seats we were able to get were so much better than those at the Royal Albert Hall and it was a Saturday night so no rushing from work #winning!

It also meant that with the money we had saved that we could afford a bed and breakfast to stay over and make a weekend trip to Cambridge and not have to drive back to Birmingham afterwards.
We’ll update you on Cambridge next week but we’ve missed writing and keeping this little ole blog of ours up to date so I thought I would utilise this train ride to update you a bit more :)

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  1. I hope the short trip is lots of fun... I love those last minute plans that fall together.. ;)

    Ooo.. I hope you get featured, that would be amazing but you are right, it is a really long process... I look forward to seeing the pictures soon :)


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