Thursday, 16 October 2014

Marriage Equality in Idaho!

2014 has been the year of celebrating our wedding. We have always said it was 'our year' - and after getting legally wed on the first day we could in England, and pulling off the most amazing destination wedding/bachelorette/mini-moon ever, we didn't think it could get much better.

But yesterday, we were proved wrong, and something happened that I couldn't have guessed would in a million years. LGBT couples began legally getting married in my home state of Idaho.

It seems so surreal that one of the most conservative states in the USA was not even NEAR to last in bringing equality. That's not to say some didn't fight it - the most ironically named anti-equality governor ever, 'Butch' Otter, spent millions in taxpayer money to stall, and postpone it. But of course, the right side of history prevailed, and yesterday at 10am, hundreds of loving couples got legally married in Idaho.

Plenty of supporters came out to cheer the couples, and local businesses donated cakes, flowers, confetti, bagels, all sorts to celebrate the big day.

This means so much to me, as an Idahoan who always thought she couldn't live in her beloved home state with her wife. We've still got a way to go (we can marry, but can still be fired for being gay!) but I'm just so happy that if we wanted to, we could move home, and get the same rights as my straight married friends.

Who would have guessed, when we were signing our marriage license in Mayfair in March, that only six months later (SIX MONTHS!) we could be married by the state of Idaho.

So much marriage equality progress has been made in a few short weeks, October 2014 will always be a month of celebration.

Anyway, enough about me! Here are a few touching photos of the 16th October for your viewing pleasure - all from

Great article by my friend Kelcie who is a journalist at the Idaho Press Tribune - she got to be there to witness this lovely couple who have been together for 40 years, and are getting married in their own back yard!

Also, watch this moving news story from local TV station KTVB where you see the first two couples marry, and the incredible support behind them.

May love always continue to prevail.

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  1. I think this is amazing and wonderful for all people, I hope more and more states let people make their own decisions on who they love and want to be with...;) It is amazing how quickly things change in no time flat, when you are sure it will take so much longer ;)


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