Monday, 20 October 2014

Is It Ever Appropriate To Hate Love?

The world is a funny place. It was less than a week ago that we put up a post full of joy, love and excitement that Idaho had finally joined the states that allowed marriage equality!

The outpouring from people we know in the states has been amazing and continuous. It was highlighted when we put up our wedding photos for our friends and family to see at the weekend - they will be up here shortly we promise!- and so many commented about the fact that such a ceremony would be legal now. Amazing.

Then I woke up this morning to a something that I just wanted to have a quick rant about!

To put this in context, I appreciate the world and many people's attitudes have changed dramatically in the last few years in regards to gay people. Laura and I are lucky we got together at a time of great change and have been lucky enough to only ever have had positive experiences when in public. That said is probably what made this more shocking.

We posted a photo our wedding photographers Sara and Dylan had taken of our florist and his fiance standing under our aisle decoration. Our florist is well known in Boise and one of the vendors, Wedding Chicks, that they work with shared the picture with their congratulations.

It is an adorable photo! However we were stunned to see some 3000+ likes and so many comments. You can read the entire response by heading to the Wedding Chicks Facebook page here: it's about halfway down the page.

There were many positive messages of love, but some seriously ridiculous ones - here are some of the comments that made me want to rant:

I don't think it is the bigoted, narrow mindedness that gets me, it's the use of the bible and religion to insult and attack love. I know we have never written about religion and this may be a strange time to bring it up but I am dumbfounded that a site about weddings, about love, about happiness can attract such negativity for no reason. Hate is never justified!

The ever articulate Will and Nick have answered at some points and the thread is full of support and love from all kinds of people, it is well worth a read. While this started of with us innocently sharing a wedding photo it has taken a turn we wanted to share. We appreciate this probably happens to many posts but to think that so many people want to share insults is something I will never be happy to see.

We aren't sure what Wedding Chicks make to it all, I know a lot of our friends have started following their site so they may not have even noticed the few that stopped. So I'll leave the last word to my wonderful wife:

 p.s. have you noticed how those who are so ready to post negativity never learnt to spell?!


  1. Well said girls! I'm sure Wedding Chicks won't mind losing these haters as friends! :D

  2. Wow, it is shocking to me... and it is not that I don't think people have the right to their opinions but there is no need to be rude, ignorant and nasty. It makes no sense but I guess that is why they hide behind a computer screen and do it.. I say forgive them and move on, they are not worth any of your energy. Besides it is true what you said, more and more people will be open and sharing their photos, people need to learn to be tolerant. Very well said ;)

  3. Hey Sarah and Laura,

    First, may I say I absolutely love you ladies. You prove time and time again, all two people really need is love.

    Second, I am a Christian. But here lately, I have found myself having to say, "Not that type of Christian." because of the actions of people who say they are christian but act completely without love, understanding, or compassion. I absolutely hate reading comments like the ones you found on your friends photo. Those people make the rest of us look like satan himself. And to top it off they misquote the Bible so much it makes my head spin. I want to walk up to these folks and tell them to actually read the whole thing not just the parts they like! Because there are a few lines in it that say LOVE your neighbor not emotional beat them with your selfish opinion. Last time I checked God didn't retire and put them in charge, Thank the Lord!

    Please know, not all of us believe or act that stupid. I for one don't see a difference between anyone's relationship. Hey if you find love hold on to it! It came from God so see it as an amazing miracle He created just for you. You ladies found each other and love each other more then life itself. I know God smiles at that type of love and commitment. I could quote scripture after scripture supporting my opinion but why when all I need to do is point to you ladies as living proof.

    Have a wonderful day, Ladies!


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