Wednesday, 11 April 2012

What We Love Wednesdays!! Man vs Food!

Have you heard of Man vs Food? More importantly, have you seen Man vs Food? Chances are, if you have access to a TV or the Internet you will have seen at least a clip of this show. This programme has become a firm favourite of ours after a marathon of episodes watched back to back over the Easter bank holiday weekend.

The concept is simple Man (Adam Richman) vs Food (all kinds meats, sandwiches, pizzas, desserts), and Adam introduces us to the best of each food he has found, or been told about. We appreciate this may old news to our American readers, as the show first aired back in 2008 - and in fact we saw our first YouTube clip way back in 2009, but once they put back to back episodes on our TV it caught our attention. Using light hearted humor mixed with a dash of charm and a pinch of wit, Adam brings a smile to our face with every episode. Time well spent! 

The great thing is, this is NO diet programme, in fact, bigger is better, as long as it tastes AMAZING! And from a UK point of view, it is eye-opening to see so many family run, local restaurants. If you live in the UK, or have ever visited, you may have noticed we have a lack of 'unique' businesses. We don't have the American mentality of 'driving to food is fine', we like our food accessible by foot. That means businesses that can afford town centre rents win, and that's always the chains - it's a shame but it's true. In fact we do have a few restaurants that you would drive too but guess what - they're chains too- Toby's Carverys, Harvesters etc etc. Actually that might be a little harsh- if you head out from the main cities you are more likely to find more variety, and we have take-aways that tend to be locally owned. Us Brits just don't love good food enough to drive to it so we rely on chains that have enough money to keep outlets open. Such a shame but if you are in Europe and want good food there's always Italy, France - in fact most European countries except the UK.

The show is also a great way to 'see' America, as Adam travels across the country you get to see the different types of culture in different states and how that impacts the food. From North Carolina, where they love their food BBQ'd, to Alaska, where they eat burgers made of Caribou, in Portland, Oregon, their 'alternative-ness'  means the Voodoo doughnuts (sorry, donuts) prove popular and in New Jersey, they love their Italian influenced specialties!

We are now planning an epic food road trip - what better way to cross America than filling up on mouth-watering, delicious food! Before we head out on a road trip though, there is a starting point so close to where we are spending Christmas that it would be rude not to mention it. In fact, it features in the first ever episode we watched - Big Jud's in Boise Idaho! Famous for it's 2lb burger....check it out:
We are making it a family trip :)

The show even won rave reviews from the critics, and from the reaction we got when we mentioned it on Twitter we guess it's a popular choice:

The Los Angeles Times noted that the Travel Channel received its highest-ever ratings for a new debut with Man v. Food. They highlighted the show as an example of other networks moving in on the traditional turf of the Food Network
In the Star-Ledger, television critic Alan Sepinwall wrote "It ain't deep, and it certainly ain't healthy (I could feel my arteries clog just from watching), but it's fun."
Features reporters Thomas Rozwadowski of the Green Bay Press-Gazette said that "playfully eager host Adam Richman has won me over" and that "it's all in good fun."
Rumour has it that Adam retired and after four seasons there will be no more - but for those of you still hungry, check out Diners, Drive-In's and Dives, as recommended by Mary B, our newest follower! The show might not have Adam, but the food looks just as good.
EXCITING AND IMPORTANT UPDATE!! We just saw that it just so happens Adam is doing a Man vs Food Nation set of specials, starting TONIGHT!! What are the odds, right?

In the USA, its on at 9/10c today on the Travel Channel, so watch it!! And for us UK fans, we will have to wait a bit, or utilize internet tv. Oh how we love Adam, we are SO excited by this news!!

Are you a fan? Are there any other shows we have missed and should be watching?
Love always (and happy eating!),
Sarah & Laura


  1. My brother got me into this show a few years ago. It inspired us (and a couple of his mates) to grow our own chilli plants to see whose was hottest and then eat the lot. Killer! But good fun to be had with a younger bro :)

    Thanks for the post, we too have been inspired to visit places based on the food...we now want to visit Austria having watched a programme all about the bakery delights to be found there!

    L xx

  2. Saw this for the first time last weekend, was absolutely amazed by the amount of food he manages to consume! It looked so good though. On a side note, I'm going to be in London at the end of April girlies - maybe we could meet for cocktails one evening?

    Carley xx

  3. Hi! Just wanted to stop by to let you know that I’ve nominated you for a Liebster Award -

    ~ Kristin

  4. This show is AWESOME and Whit of course LOVES IT!! Watched some of Diners, pretty good too. Though what is WITH his hair??? lol.

    Whit needs to read this post!! :)

    M xx

  5. My boyfriend and I love Man vs. Food! He discovered it a while ago, and it's fun to watch. There were a few espisodes when he was in the DC area, where we live, and now the bf wants to go try those challenges, ha! xx

  6. Hola, Chicas!
    As Guy Fieri would say, "Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!" I could say it too, but I don't have Porcupine hair and I don't wear my Ray Bans on the back of my head!
    Here is an EASY roast chicken recipe: We call it Blazing Chicken, I call it 45@450F (this is all you have to remember Cook the bird for 45 minutes at 450 F!)
    Whole chicken(3-4 lbs. what is that in kilos?), remove any pieces-parts inside and FEET. Wash the bird in cold water and let him drain on paper towels or someplace hygienic. Crank the oven up to 450 degrees (is that 220C?)
    Use a shallow roasting pan or glass baking dish lined with Aluminium foil and place the bird breast side DOWN in the pan.
    Prior to inside the oven, you can season your bird for optimal flavour. I like to squeeze a whole lemon over the bird and insert the lemon halves with some whole garlic cloves inside the body cavity. Fresh rosemary works lovely tucked under the skin of the breast and thighs. Jam it in there. You can also season the outer skin of the bird with any rub or dry spices you find. I like Hanford's, which I have found at Waitrose and Tesco's, they come in many flavours for both meat and veg seasonings.
    Ok, place the chicken uncovered in the oven for 45 minutes. After 30 minutes or so, flip him over. Please use oven mitts or a friend with tongs. Then cook for the remaining time breast side up. If the chicken browns too quickly, depending on the temperature range of your cooker, then tent a piece of foil on top. After 45 minutes, shut off the oven and leave the chicken inside to REST! It is important to allow all cuts of meat and poultry to rest for at least 15 minutes after cooking. This will allow the interior juices to redistribute and the results will be awesome!
    Mange tout!

  7. Hola Chicas,

    Other American Food Network shows you should peruse.
    Giada DiLaurentis- Giada's Kitchen (she is good. Famous family, and accomplished chef)
    Ina Garten- Barefoot Contessa (who doesn't love Ina? She is funny,she has several great cookery books published, has great friends and she makes killer cocktails!) I want to be Ina if I ever grow up!That would be fun for me. Going to my friends homes and be their personal chef!
    Bobby Flay-Iron Chef and Bobby's BBQ ( I have a grudging respect for this guy, even though he acts like he invented food) He does know how to bring out the flavours.
    I also Love Nigella Lawson and Rick Stein. I would eat cardboard if they cooked it!
    Guy Fieri-Guy Cooks. This is his other cooking show in the U.S. besides Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives.(it might not be broadcast on your Satellite) He has two or three restaurants in the Southwest and he won a cooking competition to be on the Food Network. I love his joie de Vivre, he looks like he could be a cartoon character!

    Have fun!

  8. I love Man vs. Food! The only downside is watching it always makes me crave nachos with lots of cheese and extra hot salsa! Love your blog - I visited London briefly in 2010 and always wanted to go back, and I love hearing your take on travel!

  9. I usually don't watch this kind of program, but I rather enjoy Man v. Food. I think it might be because of Richman; he kind of reminds me of Dave Attell on Insomniac.

    Plus I like the way he smacked that critic down at the end of the piece.
    ALOKA UST-5546

  10. It sounds amazing to do a food tour! Why have I never thought of that before? I think I would have to do a food+activity tour. Like plan to eat at great local restaurant while we travel, but also try something like a 5K race in a new city. Now that I'm thinking about it, I'm going to see if my husband would be into that. S+L: you inspired me!!

    1. Food + activity tour sounds like a great time - although a 5k may be a push :D Good luck though! We'll keep our eyes peeled to see how you get on!


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