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WHHS 9th April 2012

As we are feeling more than a little relaxed after our home-spa day and indulging on Peeps and chocolate we thought we would give you a slightly different version of WHHS - this time rather than launching into overviews of news we've noticed we thought we'd give you links to the articles that we want to share. That way you can read up as much or as little as you like.
The first article, or video, we wanted to share is the BYU 'It Gets Better'; made on campus by Mormons that are currently studying at the institute. It's amazing to see that Mormon's are becoming more aware of gay people within their society. As an Idahoan Laura grew up with Mormon friends and thankfully they have always been accepting of our relationship. It shows that small-minded, religion-driven hatred has no place, and the more campuses that stand up against it the better.

The second video is about marriage equality - as you know it is a topic close to our hearts and we are constantly looking for updates. Last week we told you about the Coalition for marriage Equality survey (please go online if you are UK based to sign it here) but Australia is running an 'It's time-Get Up!' campaign and this is one of their current videos - so simple but brilliant in highlighting the issue!

One note on the Coalition survey: you may have seen news that the Coalition for Marriage has claimed they already have 400,000 signatures of support - but check this out! Very interesting....

Have you seen the recent study that says Homophobia is Self-phobia? Read it here: article/homophobia-self-phobia Sounds like school where boys picked on the girls they actually like right? It's not saying that this is the only reason for homophobic behaviour, certainly from the homophobic people we've met one of the main reasons is 'fear'- just like racism people have a negative reaction of fear of the unknown, or fear that 'anyone' different will change life as they know it, and they fear that!

Stateside the Family Equality Council is celebrating it's 30th anniversary and has a year long celebration of events including the The Outspoken Generation, a national youth advocacy initiative involving the young adult children of LGBT parents. Read all ábout it here: The Outspoken Generation! We think the more publicity these children / young adults get the better - they show that despite all the negativity and fear spread about gay people and how 'they just aren't normal' is total and utter crap!

We thought we'd keep this WHHS relatively short so we hoped you've enjoyed the round-up, and we shall leave you with this:

Until next time

Laura & Sarah xo 

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  1. Lovely wrap up guys :-) Check out this survey and fill it out to have the Marriage Equality Bill passed in Oz


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