Sunday, 29 July 2012

London Olympics 2012 - Road Cycling!!

Hi all,

I hope you've had a great weekend, and have been watching a lot of the great Olympic games!!

Sarah was at home all weekend (boo), but I got to experience my first Olympic events - the Men's and Women's Road Cycling! This was an event I was really glad I could watch - as my Dad and brother are both avid cyclists (and triathletes - seriously, how come I didn't get any of those genes?) I'm pretty interested in the sport, and wanted to be there to represent my family.

The Cycling starts and ends at Buckingham Palace, but goes all the way out to Surrey via Putney Bridge - which is only a 15 minute walk from our flat. So Saturday I set off to see the men's race at 3:15pm - they weren't scheduled to come in through Putney until 4:05pm, so I thought I'd be nice and early. I soon realised after arriving, a full half hour before schedule, that the main pack had already come and gone!! Heartbreaking! I was able to watch a few stragglers come by, but was thoroughly disappointed.

Men's stragglers
Luckily for me, I was more interested in the women's race, anyway, which was on Sunday. The reason I was so excited? One of the athletes (and favourites to do well in the race) lives in my hometown of Boise, Idaho!! I just HAD to be there to cheer on Kristin Armstrong, and the rest of the USA and UK teams. So I got up and dressed to be at the location for 11:45 (the race started at 12:00) so I could make SURE I didn't miss them come out on their way into Surrey.

This time, our friend Martha met me - it was so nice to be able to cheer them on with someone!! We waited until 12:10, and right on queue, the women came around the corner. One woman, a Brazilian, had broken ahead of the pack (never a good idea that early on, as we saw later when she didn't even finish top 10!) but at the very front of the big pack of riders was Kristin, of Team USA!! I was so excited! Of course they had been and gone in a flash, but I can definitely say I was there.

I rushed home to watch the rest of the race on TV, which was so exciting and definitely the most fun I've had watching cycling (my parents watch the ENTIRE Tour de France each year - what a yawn-fest!), and I got upset when Kristin crashed about halfway through, and never regained the lead :(

I actually cried at the end, when Lizzy Armitstead came in second - the first Team GB medal of the London Olympic games!!! She should be very proud, and it was a really exciting race.

I do love this Olympic spirit!!

Love, Laura xo


  1. Looks awesome - well done! Women's Team USA had so many problems (I guess not use to riding on wet roads) but at least Team GB got a medal! You get the aversion-to-exercise gene from me Lauraloo! ;D

  2. Watched both races on tv. Loved watching them! So exciting that you got to see them live.

  3. It must be so amazing to live that close to history in the making, wow;)


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