Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Happiness, by Laura xx

One of our favourite bloggers, Miki from Becoming What I Always Was, did a post this week on what makes her happy, or is making her happy at the moment - we thought that is a GREAT idea! It's always good, in the busy days, weeks and months, to be able to take a moment out to remember the things that really make the world go 'round!

So I thought I'd do one, as I'm having quite a difficult week at work, and could use a reminder of how lucky I am!

1. Sarah. Of course. It makes me happy to know that I could spend (and have, in certain periods of our relationship) every moment with her, 24 hours a day, and we never get sick of each other, or run out of things to say. She's my very best friend, and the only one that can make me smile on days like today.

2. When Sarah picks me up from work. Because not only is it an amazing gesture that means I won't have to fight for a seat next to smelly elbow-y people just to sit in traffic for 45 minutes, but I get to sit in traffic in the comfortable car, and see HER 45 minutes before I would have otherwise! (Sensing a theme here?) Also, I get a funny sense of pride when I introduce S to someone from my office - I like people to see how lucky I got in scoring her!!

3. Myfitnesspal. It's been my constant companion over the last few months, and though there are days where I lose my way and eat, I don't know, a whole bar of Cadbury's chocolate in one sitting (no, not the small one-person bars...) it's always reassuring to calculate everything, to know that I'm working towards my goal. I like it even on the odd day where it has to guilt trip me for not eating enough calories.

4. Planning. Right now I'm simultaneously planning Sarah's 30th, Pride London, a trip home, Christmas (yes, already!) and our wedding - all while working and living a normal, busy life. Just because I like to always have something 'fun' to think about - it helps us be able to do great things, and helps me get through the hard weeks! Of course, I enjoy life while its happening, and aren't constantly focused on the future, but I always have an eye there. Just in case!

5. The internet. I can't tell you how much I love speaking with friends, old and new, and the major way I do that is through social media. I know every once in awhile I get really fed up of this blogging/twitter/FB/insta business, but for the most part, I love it. Even emails - I adore waking up and having an email from a good friend who is really far away!

6. My family. Speaking to my parents on Skype is always one of the very best parts of my week. I get a good hour with them each Sunday, and its probably more actual quality speaking time than we would have if I lived in Boise! I like hearing what they are up to, telling them everything that happened to me in the week, seeing Abby the dog make an appearance, and generally being reminded of how damn cool my parents are.

7. Lunch. You didn't think I'd get through this list without mentioning food, did you? Every day for lunch I have greek salad with chicken breast. It's literally just 4 ingredients - tomatoes, cucumber, feta and chicken. And together, it is absolutely magic. Probably my favourite healthy meal ever. Which is why I have it every day haha.

8. Nail polish, when I've just done it I feel so girly and happy, and like my giant hands are actually quite pretty! Unfortunately I haven't mastered the art of the long-lasting manicure yet, so I don't get this joy very often. But I have it now!! Type, pretty fingers, type!!

9. Pinterest. Yes, its kind of social media, but I don't really use it to interact with people - I just love the potential in Pinterest. I can make every bit of me better through it! I've already used it to improve my hairstyle repertoire, my fashion sense, cooking skills (recipe heaven!!), wedding, and when we have a home, you'd better believe I'll be pinning the heck out of it!

10. Ummmmmm.... OH! My strawberry plant is making me a very happy little farmer lately. When we got the pot and I put it together, and watered, and watered, and watered, and nothing happened for weeks, I was pretty sure I'd accidentally killed seeds and could never again be trusted to grow things. But then they came, one by one - I currently have 9 green spurts!!! I win at gardening!!

Phew, I actually feel a lot better - you should definitely try this!


  1. Ha! Ha! Good job! Though it's more like 2+ hours of catch-up on a Sunday, and we LOVE it! Love you Lauraloo!

  2. I love doing this a couple of times per year at least, is always a great reminder that I am really blessed... very nice post :)


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