Friday, 31 May 2013

The Language Trials & Tribulations of Being a Trans-Atlantic Couple! Part 2!

Tumblr has recently brought this piece of artwork to our attention and it reminded me of a post we did a while ago on our language differences! The post is here: Language Challenges!

But these pictures cover a few we missed.....

Now we definitely don't use all of these, but a good deal of them are an ongoing battle in our house as to who wins! We tend to decide to both use certain American or British terms, instead of us each using our own. For instance, Laura won on 'candy' instead of 'sweets', and Sarah won with 'cinema' instead of 'movie theatre'.

Laura also raised a point on Twitter today about how us Brits love to add a few extra letters into our place names just to cause confusion - High Wycombe is pronounced 'Wickham' instead of 'Why-comb-ee' which is how it looks, and L's example today:
I wonder if we'll ever get to a point where our language differences aren't a source of entertainment :)


  1. Oh, I am sure that the language difference will always be entertaining... I love that you make a decision to say it one way and that you each win on some :)

    Not sure I could change my wording but who knows:)

  2. that chart is so fun, I love it!

    also, wanker is one of my favorite words, hehe!

  3. I love this chart! I always say "till" and "lift" at work because most of the European tourists are taught to use the British slang for things. I'm always being asked where the "toilets" are. the bathrooms! Which are downstairs, in case you're wondering. :-)

  4. Haha you don't realise how different the same language can be! x

  5. The funniest ones for me are "Elastoplast/Plaster" and "Fairy Cake"!


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