Thursday, 31 October 2013



Or home-owner-ween in our case! BAM!

Today we are dressed as Rocky Horror Picture Show party-goers in preparation for our third or fourth (lost count) annual Rocky Horror viewing at Prince Charles Cinema in London, but as we are separate, I'm finding it easier to say I'm the Monopoly guy. Photos coming soooooooon!

As office manager/creative director/resident American in my office, I'm throwing a small Halloween bash for my colleagues in the afternoon. It includes Monster cupcakes, carved pumpkin, sweets, and a good old fashioned donut-on-a-string contest. Thanks of course to my beautiful fiancee for staying up way past our bedtime to make the cupcakes into monster faces!!!

Also, I'm making the couriers trick or treat. So far I've gotten a lot of confused what-is-this-weirdo-doing-should-I-take-candy-from-a-stranger reactions, ooh except they would have thought sweets not candy, because this isn't America, but they take the candy anyway and do say Trick or Treat, so I'm #Hallowwinning, really.

I've said before that it makes me sad that the UK isn't all about Halloween like home, or really excited about ANY holiday - but I'm pleased to report that my English office has been very good about it. My colleague Hugo is my new favourite because he has worn a child's cat princess dress all day. It's apparently pretty constricting, for vital things like breathing, but I'm impressed.

Have a fantastic Halloween - what are you up to, and what are you dressed as?

Also, watch this - I love Jon Stewart more than most people, and so when Kristen Schaal shows up, who I also love, and talk about 'sexy' Halloween costumes, which is one of my totes fav topics... it's just the best.

Is Kristen gay? If not, can someone PLEASE convert her?

Next year, I'm going as sexy pizza.


  1. Have fun Laura and Sarah! Can't wait to see the photos! Yes, that segment on Jon Stewart was sooo funny and sooo creative! I don't think many people would walk around wearing that costume though! Love you! xxx

  2. Great job on those cupcakes and a HUGE congratulations on the new house! Happy Halloween you two. :)

  3. Happy Halloween Laura and Sarah... enjoy!!!

    My Valentina is dressing up as a cat ;-)


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