Sunday, 6 October 2013

Happy 25th Laura

Today my wonderful fiancée turned 25 and although we are apart I thought I would do a quick post wishing her the very happiest of birthdays.

I have no idea where to start with this post as she has achieved so much in her 25 years that it would take way more than a post to explain even the half of it. This blog in itself is testament to just how much she's done in the past 4 years!

I admire her so so much for so many reasons, not least because not many 25 year old have left their home towns to set up life in a foreign country. I am so glad she did otherwise I would never have met her-imagine that! Terrible!

Not only is she far more organised, capable and better than me I just about everything but I honestly believe she makes me a better person each and every day! Her ability to make our dreams come true never fails to impress me, where my cynicism may have held us back she has found solutions or made it happen. My Laura really does make my dreams come true!

As I sit here way to far away from her I look at all the amazing photos of things we've done and couldn't be more grateful that she picked me to spend life's journey with, I am one lucky lady!

Next year is set to be our most exciting so far and I can't wait, mainly because this beautiful, wonderful, amazing, incredible women is becoming my wife! I am not one to wish life away but seriously June can't come quick enough.

I love that girl more than life its self! I hope celebrating in Israel with Agent Smiffy gets the year ahead started off in the best way possible! And the we can spend the rest of this month celebrating an extended birthday together next week.


-sorry for the lack of photos, turns out Internet here is intermittent and can't do photos!-


  1. Happy bitrhday to Laura... you two are amazing ;-)

  2. Happy happy birthday, Laura!! :DD

  3. Happy birthday Laura! I love the new page design and pictures. Just beautiful :)


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