Sunday, 20 July 2014

Part 1: The Pink Night in Vegas!

After a quick run through of our highlights we thought we'd go through the stories, trying to recount the event from memories and photos. The two and bit weeks seemed to whizz by so fast that we've never been more grateful for the fact that  nowadays every moment is recorded in some way!

So first out the memory bank is The Pink Night in Vegas or our Bachelorette! It was actually the last night we had in Vegas and followed our bridal party that had been held earlier that day, that in itself is a whole other story.

This Pink night stands out for all the right Vegas reasons.

We had thought about doing a Superhero and Villains theme but then in boiling hot Vegas heat and with limited luggage the idea soon became impractical. We put it to our Bridesmaids to help sort out the theme and after a few days they came back with 'PINK'.

My face says it all!
It was a simple theme that everyone could interpret in their won way and the range of pink went from florescent to baby pink and everything in between. The most impressive outfit award went to S's Mum and Aunt however. As the group waited for the oldest members of our party we made sure everyone had their pink or purple sunglasses that we had personalised for the trip, but midway through we stopped for the arrival of something incredibly pink. My Mum and Aunt stepped out of the lift wearing homemade capes with 'Super Mum' and 'Super Aunt' - AMAZING! Hands down BEST OUTFITS!

After throwing some attitude outside the lifts we made our way to the Friends cafe that had been constructed in the Mirage and produced these beauty's:
Before we changed

And after! Can you spot us?

Led by our wonderful Bridesmaid Alison and her ever-so-helpful (and our Usher) boyfriend Dave, we were taken from our hotel to a 'dive-bar' at The Venetian. The view out over the strip was incredible and there was no denying we were on Vegas strip. At the bar we were plied with alcohol and made to ride a mechanical bull (OK maybe we wanted to). We danced, we sung, we made Kevin the pink unicorn dance on a pole and by the time we were being shepherded into taxis we were in full party mode.

The next destination was the Ghost Bar. Free entry for women (Vegas is definitely a tad sexist against men!), free drinks for women (see I told you) and an unbeatable view of the Vegas strip from above. The bar itself was really strict and made us deflate Kevin :( we also couldn't film - shame as dance moves from some of our party were worth recording! It was a beautiful place to party, we loved the music and it wasn't overcrowded - well from memory :)

It's what all great nights should include!

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  1. I love that most of our memories are put down somewhere so that we can remember them better than just from what we might remember on our own.... it looks like you guys had an amazing time. I am with you about your aunt and mum having the best outfits... :)


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