Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Sarah & Laura's Wedding: The Epic Vegas Bachelorette

Can't believe we were in Vegas this time last month!!! We want to go back to do it all again!

We managed to get our dresses on two planes, luckily Delta were really good, putting them in the first class coat room for the long flight to JFK, then on the second flight they blocked off an entire overhead compartment for them to be laid out!

Excited to go!
Sarah's mum surprised us by telling the pilot we were on our wedding trip, and we received glasses of champagne and a shout out over the intercom! It was SO cool!!

The trip was wholly uneventful and fun, at customs in NYC we had a group of 7 people - as the only American I went in the citizens line, and had the scare of my life - I went through a kiosk that printed me a slip with a big X on it - I was being refused entry until further investigation!! Feeling very sorry that I'd been so smug going into the locals line, I queued to be inspected. The people two groups ahead of me were sent into the dreaded customs questioning section - thank goodness when I got to the front, I was told it was likely because of my common name, and sent through with a smile. After all that, I still managed to get to baggage first and collect all 7 suitcases before anyone else showed!

We were pretty thrilled with arriving in the evening, nothing like going into Vegas with the lights and action everywhere! We got into our beautiful Strip View room in The Mirage, and went to a much needed sleep.

The next morning we waited for our party to arrive by the beautiful pool. It was SO hot at 39 degrees C - but as its dry heat, it was somehow less unpleasant than when its 10 degrees cooler in the UK! We met our lovely friends in the foyer, and Sarah and I had our first meal in America - at Sarah's request, the two floor Panda Express/McDonalds (now, plus Chipotle randomly!). She was in heaven!

I went off to Comic Con Las Vegas with Julia and Wally for a few hours - I've always wanted to go to one (I'm more nerdy than Sarah!) - and it was really fun. Little kids in Superhero costumes, adults in Superhero costumes, and Julia and I scored matching hair bows (mine is Star Wars!)

Upon our return, the last of our full time Vegas party arrived in my little brother Jason and bridesmaid Kate, so we got dressed to go to dinner. It was at The Sugar Factory, which was chosen for one reason:

The King Kong Sundae.

Luckily, the rest of the meal was also delicious - these badass fishbowl candy cocktails, the fried mac n cheese and tater tots we had... all so good!

No, those aren't both Laura's drinks!
Typically, we didn't leave enough time to get back to the Mirage and changed for the next bit of the evening - the limo ride to the Las Vegas sign!! Thankfully they were very accommodating and pushed back our time a bit. The lights were amazing, the sign was so great - it was wonderful to get a pic of the whole party together! Our friend Dave was on champagne duty, and we had a few glasses before our driver dropped half of us off at Hakkasan nightclub - to see none other than Calvin Harris!

My brother's awesome spot, Calvin was in Vegas as part of the EDC festival - so this was an opportunity not to be missed. Now, Sarah and I do NOT like ravey music, so the warm up act for Calvin was pretty painful - we were close to the front but it was PACKED - the songs had no words - and Calvin was 45 mins late!! By that time most of the group had retreated to by the bar - Sarah, Jason and I decided to give up and meet the rest of the group, but as soon as we got there.... ' Ladies and gentlemen, Calvin Harris!!!!!' REally? REally???

The bit to get us where we'd previously been was blocked off, so we rushed to find ourselves another spot. And that spot was perfect - at the top of a staircase that led to the pit, so we could see over the entire Vegas megaclub - it was incredible! We knew so many of his songs, and had such a great view - it was honestly amazing and well worth enduring the ridiculous word-less music.

The next morning was again spent by the pool, until we with Wally and Julia decided to walk the strip in search of the Diet Coke store. It was so hot and so long, but worth it - we got DC earrings! And keychains! And Christmas ornaments! And an actual DC!! (from Walgreens obv, we aren't paying souvenir prices!)

Jesus drag Britney, you're way to pretty.
We'd learned our lesson from the previous night, planning too much in, and instead went to a show. The girls saw Diva's, which is a drag show of Las Vegas legends!! Amazing. They were all so talented, Britney was annoyingly gorgeous, and we had them all sign a picture afterwards! Sarah and I had the most alcoholic drink ever too, woah. Afterwards we danced to this weird 00's rock band, and finished in the Beatles Revolution bar.
We had a special treat for the third day, our friend Sarah (another Sarah!!) had flown in to spend the last day with us!! And another special thing, our lovely bridesmaids threw us a little bridal shower! Kate organised it and supplied us with delicious alcoholic cupcakes, Sarah's sister Fiona made an amazing quiz for everyone to take that had topics we loved like Diet Coke, Harry Potter, Rocky Horror. Prize for funniest answers goes to my brother, who thought the dance in Rocky Horror is not the Time Warp, but in fact the 'Stanky Leg'. She also gave us this beautiful book with pictures of her sister and her new sister (way to make us cry!). Then Julia handed out 10 disposable cameras for people to use throughout the holiday - such a great idea, and can't WAIT to see them developed!

We got some lovely gifts, our friends Mel and Doug gave us socks that said BRIDE on them which we LOVED, and Alison and Dave gave us gummy boobs and butterscotch chocolate...other bits haha. We felt so special during our shower and loved it!

Our Vegas peeps!
And finally, the Pink night. Sarah wrote about it here, so I'm going to let you read that, then come back here to watch this lovely video of our bull riding haha!! Can it be called riding??

The view from Ghost Bar was STUNNING!
Next stop, Boise Idaho!!!


  1. Your trip to Vegas sounds like a blast... what awesome memories;-)

  2. Vegas is so much fun isn't it ? Looks like you had a fabulous time - love all the pics xxx

  3. Wow! Glad to see that you went to places and really experienced as many fun outings as you can. It is a big day, and you should all be conditioned for that. The limo rides only propels it, so that's a good addition to the whole deal. Thanks for sharing all about that fun-filled adventure! All the best!

    Evan Blake @ Antique Limo of Indy


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