Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Three Years Of Bisbee!

Three years ago we picked up the best Christmas gift we have ever gotten - Bisbee. Our festive treat!

This year Bisbee has received a haul of Christmas cards and presents that rival ours and we can only imagine it's because everyone who has met Bisbee loves her just as much as we do.

It's fair to say three years in there aren't too many firsts left for Bisbee to experience - but we've continued to travel together, attend numerous pub quizzes, markets, day trips, new cities, new villages, we've been on road trips and stayed over in cabins, houses and flats. It's fair to say wherever we go, if we can, we take Bisbee.

However this December Bisbee did experience her first proper snow.

After initially loving the snow and running around like a crazy thing it didn't take look before the weight of the snow started weighing her down. The snow packed around her tag and before long even her Equafleece was started to turn white. It was at that point that loving went to loathing.

And she got meet Santa Paws for the first time......
It was at Birmingham Dogs Home  who kindly organised a charity day where we could pay a small donation for Bisbee to meet Santa. There was also stalls and entertainment put on to make the 45 minute wait more enjoyable.

It was quite the festive treat - although we may have been into slightly more than Bisbee. I don't think the wet weather helped, as Bisbee isn't the biggest fan of rain at any point. 

As my (S) parents have moved closer to us we even have extra support and Bisbee is loving overnight stays - where she gets her own bedroom as my parents have a spare room.

We can't wait to have many more years with this fluffball - she really is a joy.

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So there you have it....Merry Christmas from us and the Bisbee


  1. Wow cute dog and love the name,it is nice to see the snowy pictures we don't get that here :)

    1. Thanks Caz. We thought we'd made up the name Bisbee but we found out that there's a Bisbee, Arizona after a we put a pic up and someone from there commented :)


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