Wednesday, 10 April 2019

Annual Bloggers Bash - We've Been Nominated - Please Vote!

Hello there!

How are you?

This post is going to deviate from our usual posts. Rather than sharing our experience of life, travelling, recipes, wedding guides, fun facts, pregnancy, motherhood or LGBT info this post is a simple request, a request for your vote.

Last week we were informed that has been nominated for best lifestyle blog at the Annual Bloggers Bash.
We are up against great competition and are one of 30 blogs in the category so even being nominated is something of a shock.

So if you have ever read anything on our blog and taken anything away; a bit of advice, a smile, the feeling of 'me too' or that you aren't alone then please give us a vote. If you have ever learnt something - a travel hack, a fun fact or something about LGBT rights then please vote. If you stop by here frequently or this is your first time (stick around a while) then please vote. If you like our pictures, our stories or just our approach to life then you know what we'd appreciate the vote.

And here's how you vote, just click this link it'll take you to the official voting page. Once there you will see a list of categories and the nominated blogs. Find the lifestyle category about halfway down and Sarah Plus Laura towards the bottom of that list.

Simply select the circle by our name and job done! You voted and we are super grateful. 

The closing date is the 24th of April

For anyone who has followed our journey from the very start when we were called Sprezzatura (appreciating the little things) to our name change to SarahplusLaura, from our getting together in London in 2009, to moving to Australia in 2010, getting engaged in 2012 and married in 2014 (twice), getting Bisbee and buying a house in Birmingham and then adding Annabelle to our girl gang in 2018 - thank you for being part of it! For anyone who has joined us along the way - thank you too! And if you are just joining us, well hi! Our blog may not be the best organised (we are working on it) but it is full to the brim with posts on so many things, so we hope you find something of interest.

Blogging is our hobby, a joint effort to help us track our life, but also to share things we have learnt along the way, especially lessons and insights we think will be useful to others. It has presented us with amazing opportunities and we have met wonderful people, for that we are always grateful. It's helped us get to know the great city we live in and have experiences that we never expected. In no way did we start it to get awards but as with most things in life the unexpected can be a great (and pleasant) surprise.

And so if you did vote, thank you. If you didn't vote then no worries we hope you come back and find a post of interest some other time. Or if blogs aren't your thing find us on Instagram (and Instagram stories where you'll see all sorts), Twitter or Pinterest just search SarahplusLaura.

Laura on the right and Sarah on the left, not our usual order :)

Ah that's better!

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