Wednesday, 23 November 2011

What We Love Wednesdays!! Brittana - Glee!

Once again, the choice of topic for this week's WWLW was hottly debated but we decided to go for something thats HOT on TV - Glee! Well actually, Brittana - Brittany and Santana. Why? We LOVE Ryan Murphy's portrayal of this couple, and of course they are gorgeous girls.

Having watched recent episodes of Glee where Santana has been 'outed', it made us remember why the writing in Glee is SO clever and how it really does help redefine stereotypes. For those of you who aren't Gleeks you don't necessarily have to know the weekly on-goings of Britanna for this post to be relevant, but to bring you up to speed (Here's what you missed on Glee):
Season 1 - no-one is quite sure if Brittany and Santana are 'just good friends' - they are both are seen with boyfriends until the 'Sectionals' episode, when Brittany mentions that 'if sex were dating she'd be dating Santana!' Fast forward to the Duets episode in Season 2 where they mention having shared 'sweet lady kisses', but Brittany starts dating Artie after Santana says she doesn't love Season 2 continues there are more and more scenes of them touching, holding and flirting until they visit Holly Holliday (Gwyneth Paltrow) to discuss their feelings! Neither admits to being a lesbian but the song they sing says it ALL! Santana has a revelation: 'I’m a bitch because I’m angry. I’m angry because I have all of these feelings. Feelings for you, that I’m afraid of dealing with because I’m afraid of dealing with the consequences. I want to be with you, but I’m afraid of the talks and the looks. I’m so afraid of what everyone will say behind my back, still I have to accept that I love you. I love you and I don’t want to be with Sam or Finn, or any of those other guys. I just want you.' Moving on to the 'Born This Way' episode, our favourite episode of Glee - although the 'Lebanese' t-shirt was rejected by Santana as it was meant to read 'lesbian', it was a turning point and from then on it's been clear to all that Santana really loves Brittany! That brings us to Season 3 and even though there hasn't been an episode to 'DTR' (define the relationship) Santana is about to be outed in a campaign intended to bring down Sue (the cheerleading coach, resident bitch, one of our fav characters & congress seat hopeful- played by Jane Lynch (an all round AMAZING actress)) and as they say, 'thats what you missed on Glee'!
Fascinating as that all is, why is it the topic for WWLW? Santana's 'outing' brought up something close to home - amazing as our life is, I (Sarah) have not exactly had the easiest 'coming out' story. In fact, to this day my parents have decided that rather than acknowledge me being with Laura, I must NOT TELL ANYONE - I can be 'out and proud' as long as they 1) never have to hear about it, 2) never have to acknowledge it and 3) I can continue to have a relationship with them BUT make no reference to Laura, the things I do with Laura or how much I love Laura! So everyone I work with knows and in fact most of my facebook friends know (hell Laura and I do SO much together I don't want to be quiet about it!!!!) but no-one in my family (or extended family) can know. When Santana and Brittany hold hands under a napkin it might as well symbolise Laura and my life around my family - undercover! The sad thing is it's been 3 years. I have tried to prove being with Laura hasn't changed me, I have shown what Laura and I are capable of - I have even tried to involve them but to no avail. And so back to the Glee link and to refer back to the quote, I keep telling Laura 'I don't want to be with any other guys, I just want you'- thankfully she believes me! No amount of my Mum's praying, ignoring or hurtful comments about how I feel about Laura will make a difference, I just feel sad for the stuff that my family will miss out on.
True love, no H8
So- why do we LOVE Glee? We've found it is true to life - neither Laura or I have said we are for sure 100% 'Lebanese' - before 'we' happened, we had both dated guys - but I read something the other day that summed it up perfectly 'the guys were lovely, they just bored me, I didn't know what that meant until I met the One, then it wasn't boring any more' - it just happens that my One is a girl, my One is Laura.
We appreciate the increasing visibility of 'lipstick lesbians' to highlight that being a lesbian isn't about shaving your head, getting tattoos and looking 'androgynous' - in fact, since being with Laura I have become FAR more girly - we do each other's make up, go clothes shopping, cook, dance around the flat (mainly to Britney Spears see our love of Britters HERE)  - I think my parents have a hard time because they are so closed off and unwilling to see any good in anything that isn't stereotypically correct- I understand they fear being judged, I just hope one day their love for me becomes more important. Laura and I plan to get married, raise a family (of well behaved kids :) - and it looks like we have a chance, see HERE),  get dogs (already named as Nando and Sydney) and live happily ever after. Neither of us may be a Prince but who says we can't have our modern fairytale!
Lets hope Brittana get theirs - or at least continue showing that being in a girl-girl couple has far more benefits that 'sharing sweet lady kisses'!!!!!

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With love, Sarah xo


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  3. Christina Economou25 November 2011 at 14:42

    I want sweet lady kisses!!!! You girls make me want to avoid men forever!! Ok you two and a little help from Santana! Thank you for the beautiful read xxx

  4. Awww so sorry about how bad your parents are about you two :( That's really sad! You two clearly make each other VERY happy & I hope in time they realise that & stop being well so damn SILLY! lol.

    M x


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