Wednesday, 5 September 2012

What We Love Wednesday!! The First Lady, Michelle Obama!

We thought we'd pick up on something that made the front pages here in the UK and obviously it made the news states-side....Michelle Obama's speech at the Democratic National Convention (DNC)! It gave us even more reason to base this week's What We Love Wednesday on the woman herself.

For those of you who have read our Powerful Women post you will see that the First Lady has been featured in our blog before, and for very good reasons!

But this post is to say THANK YOU, Michelle, for such an inspirational speech. We have long admired Mrs. Obama, who is just as able to speaking positively, touchingly and inspiring those who take the time to listen as her husband. We took 28 minutes out of our evening to watch the full speech, because it's worth it.

It is no secret that when Laura votes using an absentee ballot later this year, she will be voting for Obama! We have struggled with the Republican's campaigns - their anti-gay, pro-gun, pro-life at conception, 'your body stops genuine rape babies', wealthy 1%, out-of-touch tripe that has been filling our internet streams and being mocked on the social networks we follow. We don't understand how women can publicly or privately support Republicans, whether they support Obama or not, there is no logical reason we can see to support their campaign.

On the other-hand, listening to Michelle speak so passionately about every American having the same opportunities no matter who they are, where they're from, what they look like or who they love, how can you not applaud?! Here in the UK we are discussing gay-marriage, in Scotland they are moving towards it; in fact, all over Europe the laws are changing for the better - is it not the right time for America to do the same?

When Michelle talks about Barack still being the man she fell in love with 23 years ago, you can't fail to be touched. The Obama we see in the media is a projection of his party, but we are damn sure if we met him we'd really like him!

Michelle is so genuine, and has a way of speaking that engages you so that you find yourself agreeing with her - Laura and I both said 'so true' out loud numerous times in her speech! If you haven't got time to watch the whole speech check out these highlights!!!

We first voiced our liking for Michelle after watching her dancing with kids in a school field for her get fit campaign 'Lets move' - if you prefer to see the campaign in action see it here, with Beyonce:

We loved her taking on Ellen in a press-up competition and talking to Jon Stewart on the Daily Show (LOVE that show by the way!!!), when she was on Letterman, and hung out with the ladies on The View!

Instead of spending $$$ on lots of designer clothes and brands, Michelle wears a lot of H&M and high street brands - she is a REAL woman, with a budget, and seems to understand that there are more important things to spend he money on than labels - especially when you're in government.

But why else do we LOVE Michelle Obama? Well while other First Ladies (excusing Hilary Clinton) generally sit around not saying much, this Lady does the opposite - she has an opinion and she brings it 100%  - just check this out.....

Ultimately, the First Lady is so damn good at EVERYTHING - including skipping rope, apparently!

And we LOVE her for it!!!

Thanks Michelle, for being such a positive role model - for kids, for women, mums, and everyone else. Thanks for being such a strong character, and for coming out in support of marriage equality. 

Please remember to vote, as every vote does count - if you are living out of your home county, like Laura is, apply online for an absentee ballot form!!

Bring on another term of Barack and Michelle Obama!!

Lots of love,
Sarah & Laura xo


  1. I LOVE Michlle Obama and it goes without question that I adore Barack... This is an awesome post, I adore these two people, I could be friends with them <3

    I love this post, wonderful:)

  2. Excellent blog girls! I agree whole-heartedly! Love youz! Mum xxxx

  3. I have been getting into the American elections recently and I dont pretend to know all the issues, but to me a vote for the Republicans is a backward step and most certainly a vote for discrimination. Michelle Obama is a great example of a strong, capable woman and I have to say I am rooting for Obama too! x


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