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What's Been Happening Hot Stuff!!! 23rd Sept

Welcome, welcome, welcome! How's your weekend been? We thought we would split today's What Happening Hot Stuff into 2 parts; 1 - our take on What's Been Happening out and about in the world and 2 - What's been Happening with us!

Sooooo let's start with the good ole US of A and the up and coming election. We are very pro-Obama in this household, of course his support of gay marriage is a plus for us but we just can't imagine Mitt Romney becoming President.

We follow the elections through the UK media as well watching things like the Daily Show and reading the updates we find and it is very clear that Romney is an IDIOT! We watched both convention speeches and seriously, unless you are a rich white American WHY would you vote for him?!

We have also seen all the craziness surrounding terribly made anti-Islam film 'Innocence of Muslims', the most recent news being that Obama has paid for adverts showing him condemning the film on Pakistani TV. It's madness that media can have such a quick impact on the world as a whole.

In other sad news Australia gay marriage bill was defeated. With 98 voting against the bill and only 48 voting for it. Of course it's disappointing to see that happen anywhere but for us Australia is an option on our 'to end up living in list' and we liked them to be ready to welcome us. Having said that there are positives as Australian Marriage Equality national convener Rodney Croome said: 'I take heart from the fact that the last time the Senate voted on marriage equality in 2009 only six Senators voted in favour and today that number has increased four-fold.’

If you are keeping up with X Factor either side of the Atlantic whose your favourite? We are LOVING Britney Spears being part of the panel, and the fact that she's got a rather bitchy side makes it all the better. 'It's Britney Bitch!' Or if you're watching it in the UK have you seen this guy:

His name is Brad Shakleton, he drives Harleys and plays Polo and........we worked with him! That's right almost a claim to fame :)

But we are rooting for Lucy Spraggan, I think we mentioned her before when we first saw her audition, for those of you that missed it here it is again:

In other news for us, Saturday happened! Saturday to us was a day that we had very mixed emotions about as we were BOTH meeting my (Sarah) Mum and sister for dinner and to see Jersey Boys. The plan was to meet at 4ish and head for dinner, as it turned out we probably met nearer 5 so needed a dinner location near to the theatre and Leicester Square. We settled on TGI Fridays and for the first 20 minutes were spent waiting for a table at the bar, thankfully conversation flowed covering off all the major topics: work, weather (we are British after all :)) our journey in, and my cousin's boyfriend my Mum and Sister had met the night before. We were BOTH hugged on arrival and it was not nearly as awkward as we thought it might be.

Laura is AMAZING, seriously! I know in previous posts I have said how grateful I am to have someone in my life who puts up with the giant challenge called 'my family's lack of acceptance' but more than anything I am so thankful that even after ALL the hatred that has been rallied in her direction she stills stands tall and accompanies me. I am so incredibly lucky to have Laura.

When we sat down at dinner Laura's eagerness meant she ended up sat next to my Mum instead of me. For me it wasn't a bad thing as I got to look at her gorgeous face as we ate but as my Mum is just under 5ft and Laura is almost 6ft the height difference and loud music made sure conversation wasn't particularly easy. We all got on though, recalling our Thailand holiday, the dog bite story and my sister's decision process to choose her new boyfriend.

By the time we left to head to the theatre we had enjoyed a drink and were in good spirits. Laura led the way (as she always does thanks to the knowledge she gained on her many walking tours when she first moved to London :) ) taking us through Soho. If you've been to London you will know that Soho is home to the gay bars and the famous G.A.Y club. We wandered past Ku Bar , through China town and arrived at the Prince Edward Theatre that just happened to be right next G.A.Y! We were hoping that through osmosis my Mum would see that gay people aren't different!!

On arrival at the theatre we were met by our 'private butler' William. We had special access tickets as my Mum has back problems from a car crash that makes walking stairs difficult. William showed us to our seats, first row in the dress circle as it was at street level, and was so helpful, even taking our drinks order ready for the interval. He even brought my sister and Mum booster seats so they had a better view.

The show itself was AMAZING and I found out Laura is a 1960's jukebox, she knew every word to every song - seriously impressive! We knew a bit about what to expect as we had seen a preview at 'West End Live' at Trafalgar Square in the summer. The show surpassed expectation though, we could definitely see why it has been so popular. Every song was a hit and the lead actors played their parts to perfection. We were all singing along and having a great time. If you are in London and you can go and see it!

After the show we walked back to the nearest tube only to find the tube line needed by my Mum and sister to get back home was shut so Leicester Square was PACKED. As my Mum is not the biggest fan of crowds on tubes we decided to plan another route home. The route involved my Mum coming back to the flat with Laura and I and then driving her back to my sister's - half an hour away.

We hopped on a bus to Fulham Broadway then took a taxi back to the flat. Here Laura became the GREATEST prospective-daughter-in-law of the century. As we live on the top floor the stairs would have been too much for my Mum so I waited by the car as Laura and Alison organised a hot-water bottle and car picnic that included Smirnoff Ice (my Mum's favourite).

As we waited at the car we had a chance to talk and reflecting on the evening my Mum said how nice it was to spend time with us both and how lovely, caring, thoughtful and helpful Laura was. It gave me the opening to push the whole 'well why can't you accept her' topic. I got as much as it's not about Laura (an improvement as Laura had been made into this demon figure) and more about the fact that it's about the whole 'gay girl and girl thing' and that it just doesn't make sense and makes her uncomfortable. Again I addressed how it will be something she needs to get over. She said she really would like to do it again, hopefully another step in the right direction, and I agreed that as long as I could see an improvement in her acceptance then we would be happy to hang out again. The thing is I have ALWAYS said this. Way back when I left for Australia my Mum said she felt like Laura was 'stealing' me and that was before she knew we were together. So I said if you want more time with me (I try to head home once a month) then hanging out with the two of us would get her that time. Let's hope this time it works!

As always with these types of posts there is an air of caution. The Mum that arrives in London ready to hug us both and enjoy the evening is not always the Mum on the end of the phone ready with judgment and guilt trips. When I think of what I want this to mean it comes down to something so simple - I just want it to mean that they accept what will make me happy. I'm not asking my parents to become gay advocates or suddenly do a 180 and admit they were in the wrong (I can hope, but I'm realistic), I just want them to say 'we can see Laura makes you happy and that's all we ever wanted'.

We got Alison along for the drive back from the flat to my sister's; the journey whizzed past with constant conversation and at my sisters there were hugs and kisses all around. A successful evening by all accounts.

Bringing Alison along also meant we could do our 'London by Night' driving tour that was scheduled for Friday night but postponed due to rain. We headed to the City and ticked off all the major sights - London Eye, Houses of parliament, Big Ben, Trafalgar Square, Buckingham Place, the Mall, Piccadilly Circus, Oxford Street, Monument, the Shard, the Gherkin - you name it, we passed it or saw it. I know we've said it before but we LOVE London!

We arrived back at 2am and were buzzing (L & Alison from the chocolate and alcohol) so we ended the night discussing the wonder of meat flavoured crisps - weird that the US don't sell them - and convincing Alison that Britney Spears and Glee are AMAZING!

It's crazy what you can fit into 24 hours! Lets hope the legacy of this 24hours is positive one though!

Sarah (& Laura)


  1. I am happy to see that your visit with your mom turned out okay, I really hope she continues to try to be understanding;)

  2. So happy for you that it is going in the right direction, even if it is baby steps for now, it sounds like huge progress. I'm sure that one day your relationship with your family and Laura will be all the more stronger for what you've been through and hope that things keep improving! Karen xx

  3. It sounds like a wonderful night and I am so glad that your Mum seems to like Laura as a person! We know first hand that Laura is a lovely, intelligent, and thoughtful young lady! ;D So glad Ali is having a great time too and that you enjoy showing her around! Love youz!

  4. Sarah's mom reminds me a lot of my mother! She has come around a lot in the past 2 years but things still get a little 'iffy' and uncomfortable! I hope her mom continues to make progress for the both of you, I know how hard and frustrating it can be :-) Wishing you girls the best!

    xo, Meaghn


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