Sunday, 2 September 2012

Hello September!

Hello, we hope your September has started well!

Today we were meant to be at Brighton Pride, having attended last year we had booked in a stay with one of our friends who lives down there for this year. It was in the diary at the start of the year and we had really been looking forward to it. Unfortunately on confirming details last week our friend found himself double booked and we were bumped :(

Laura doesn't handle being let down very well so we knew we couldn't just sit at home doing nothing. We debated heading down and hoping we could find where to park for the day but knowing how much of a challenge that had proved to be in previous years we decided against it.

Brighton Pride 2011!
Plan B was to see if Laura's Nan was free - thank goodness she was! So we opted for a trip to Windsor and lunch at Toby's Carvey - perfect! Laura's Nan is AMAZING, at 87 years old she loves to tell us stories about how she grew up and we can't leave before she's confirmed that 'every day I wake up and look to the sky to say THANK YOU that I'm alive!' - hearing that makes us smile inside and out.

The Toby's Carvey staff recognised us and we love the fact that we can sit for hours catching up. With notebook loaded with pictures of Egypt and Thailand we spent over 2 hours eating, chatting and watching our photo slideshow, we treasure the time we get with her. And there is nothing more rewarding than hearing 'great food, great company and great conversation' as her summary for the afternoon. Toby's never lets us down and while it is more of a meat eaters place, the fact that you can pick you own mix and amount of veg means you get the perfect meal!

We also LOVE the fact that she lives just outside Windsor, driving up and seeing the castle appear is also a highlight and on a day like today we couldn't resist taking a stroll up the long walk to make the most of the sunny evening. Hanging out with Laura is always my favourite way to spend the day and being able to enjoying each others company today was lovely.

The time together today also meant we could put our September diary in order. In summary, we have something going on every weekend until November! With a certain someone's birthday coming up I am busy booking up surprises galore in October but we have September to look forward to first!

So here is our September Summary:
September 2nd: Chilling in bed & swapping the summer to winter wardrope
September 3rd - 6th: Dinners with friends / Skype call with potential wedding planner
September 7th: Paralympic Athletics at Olympic Stadium
September 8th: Lady Gaga at Twickenham (please don't let it be raining)
September 9th: Depending on weather heading in to see the Thames Festival
September: 10th - 14th: Somewhere that week having a skype call with potential wedding photographer
September 15th: Attending a wedding fair at a potential engagement party venue
                          Meeting friends Lesley & Linsey
September 16th: Our 3 and a half year anniversary!!
September 17th - 21st: Laura's school friend Alison arrives to stay with us for a few days!
                                    Hopefully meeting Carley from A Summer Full of Peaches &
                                    Georgia & Kaylee from Georgia trying something new 
September 22nd: Seeing Jersey Boys with my Mum and Sister (argh family meeting, L&I are both nervous!)
September 26th: Sarah & Lauren from 2 brides to 2 Mummies will be in London town so we'll track them down & kidnap them!
End of September: Wegan's Civil Partnership from What Wegan Did Next 
Bloggers united at my Birthday Party

So it's fair to say that since we have been blogging we have met a few wonderful new people and September  will be a month to meet a few more! With Summer being a non-starter weather-wise we are ready to get our Autumn warmers on and start looking forward to winter (argh only 114 days left to Christmas day!). With a busy few weeks coming up we will have plenty to update the blog with so check back soon....

If you have seen anything happening around London that you think we should check out let us know!!!

Sarah (& Laura)


  1. Glad you had a nice time with Nan and at Toby's! xxx

  2. You should say hi the next time you are in Windsor :) i live there :p I love your pictures from the long walk! Always one of my special places to go with my girlfriend :) Plus you can't beat a toby cavery :P xxx


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