Sunday, 9 September 2012

What's Happening, Hot Stuff?? 9th September 2012

Welcome to this week's What's Happening, Hot Stuff??

Those who follow us on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram will have seen that we have had a BUSY week filled with AMAZING experiences! And those following the 2012 USA Election build up, it has also been a great week for the Democrats coming out to show their support of Marriage Equality - yay!!!

We thought we'd start with a brief round up of what's been happening with us this week.

Thursday night saw us head to the newly opened Bond Street Victoria's Secret! The store was beautiful from the Pink department in the basement to the top floor boutique! As well as tempting us to spend a fortune we were supplied with cupcakes as we wandered round and took more than a few photos. We will do a full photo update this week but if you are in London it is DEFINITELY worth a look!

As if checking out the Victoria's Secret store wasn't entertaining enough, as we strolled out we saw crowds and decided to see what was happening. Having been busy at work neither of us had seen Twitter and the fact that it was 'Fashion Night Out' in Bond Street. ALL of the boutique stores were offering free champagne and hosting parties, the paparazzi was everywhere and we were OUT of PLACE! Dressed in our work gear we were wandering among glammed-up, 6ft, gorgeous models and designer outfits we could NEVER afford!

Once the working week was over we met at Green Park station at 5pm promptly, more than a little EXCITED as we were heading to the Olympic Park to see the Paralympics Athletics evening session. We will post a full update about what went on and what we thought of the whole experience later this week, but all you need to know right now is that the evening ended with us holding a 2012 medal!!!!

On Saturday we had the Lady Gaga 'Born This Way Ball' at Twickenham Stadium; along with 54,998 other Lady Gaga fans we witnessed the consummate performer sing hit after hit to a crowd that were loving every minute - us included!

We will do a full post on Wednesday, as we really LOVE Lady Gaga and think the Ball deserves its own post! From the moment we walked into the stadium area we realised this was the gayest event we  had attended since Pride! Seriously EVERY which way were gay couples and SO many femme lesbian couples. Who knew that Lady Gaga attracted them all?! In fact, we know some other lovely lesbians off to the second night of the concert tonight too!

This last week we have also been trying to follow the news coming out of the States as the Democrats hosted their Democratic National Convention and we hoped there would be mention of their stance on Marriage Equality. If you caught our post on the First Lady, Michelle Obama, you will have read our political standing- we, well technically Laura as shes the one who can vote!!!, are Democrat through and through - AND they didn't disappoint.

We watched the speeches by Michelle, Clinton and others and were so glad to see equality for all mentioned. We have our fingers crossed that Democrats head to the polls to make sure the evil that is Romney doesn't get to ruin American once again. Go Obama!!!

The Democrats are the first political party in history to support same-sex marriage but more importantly the Republicans said NOTHING about it! In fact, the only thing we've seen come from the Romney and the Republicans is that 'they don't favour civil unions as identical to marriage'. We were reminded of what that means in the 'real world' when watching the finale of 'The Real L World'- we posted how Whitney and Sara's engagement struck a chord with us last week (see here), but this week we saw Romi (attention-seeking/do anything for the limelight) elope to Vegas to marry her boyfriend of weeks! Ah good old traditional marriage, built on stability, trust and long-standing love - errr, not! In the same episode we were shown the challenges facing a gay couple who have been in a committed relationship denied the same rights in the state they live and work!

Check back for the updates during the week!
Sarah & Laura

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  1. I can't wait to see your posts on the para Olympics, I truly enjoyed the one on the Democrats... If I lived in the States, I would vote for Obama in a heart beat<3


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