Friday, 28 June 2013

Our Wedding: One Year To Go!

OMG you guys, today is exactly one year from our wedding!

We can hardly believe we've been engaged for six months already, it's just flown by! And thankfully the wedding planning is picking up too. We'v decided the theme of our planning so far is 'Laura jumps ahead and plans everything and has to be reigned in by Sarah and our wedding planner!' - I don't know what it is, but I'm just such a planner - I love nothing more than to be thinking about something fun and wedding/travel/future related while doing mundane things, such as admin at work. I'm actually convinced the excitement makes me work faster. But I'm doing my best to slow down and include others in the wedding planning process haha - I always said I'd be a bit of a bridezilla!

So we thought we'd do an update on what has happened so far, and what is coming up.

So far we've:
  • Started working with a fabulous wedding planner
  • Hired our venue, a lodge in Garden Valley, for 3 nights
  • Chosen bridesmaids and asked them
  • Booked our awesome photographers
  • Booked a videographer too
  • Bought bow ties for the bridal party men
  • Our lovely bridesmaid Lauren has agreed to make our wedding cake
  • Set up our wedding website, full of logistics, photos, and excitement!
We've also sent out our save the dates, as of this week! There was definitely a bit of a saga in getting these out, but I guess something was bound to happen as we had them designed completely for us by our wonderful bridesmaid, Julia! Special props to my Mum, who made sure these turned out so well, and addressed and sent them all out! We are so excited to see them in person and have the RSVPs start rolling in! We'll put up a pic after everyone has received theirs!

We decided to have a Las Vegas bachelorette party, which we are SO excited for - everyone (women and men) is invited, and we expect to have most of the international guests attend, because its actually cheaper to fly into Vegas than to Boise! It'll also make the wedding more of a big trip than travelling across the world just for a wedding. Though hopefully that'd be worth it too! :)

Coming up soon, we have a few things:

We're currently deciding on a wedding band! We want it to be alternative and folksy, so it goes with the country venue and theme, and have a few requests we'd like them to play. That should be decided on this week or next!

We're so excited that we've booked a trip HOME to Idaho in September!
Not only are we stoked that it will hopefully still be summer weather (we'll def do a post on all the fun summer things we hope to do while there another time!) but we'll get to do lots of wedding things!
Such as:
  • The design meeting with our wedding planner
  • Our professional engagement photoshoot! (EEE!)
  • Menu tasting
  • Potentially pick up our bridesmaid dresses
  • And other excitement!
Wow, when I list it out, it looks like we've done a lot! So far we're really enjoying the process, and just feel so lucky to be getting married next year. I can't believe I'm marrying the woman on my dreams, and that we've got such wonderful family and friends around us!

T minus 1 year until our wedding!!! xxx


  1. OMG So exciting! Love reading about you wedding updates! xox

  2. Wow, you guys are on top of it... I can't wait to see the finished product in pictures... I am sure it will be amazingly beautiful :)


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