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Throwback Thursday: Were You Super Awkward in Elementary School or a Primary School Charmer?

Happy Throwback Thursday, everyone!

Today's Throwback topic is elementary school crush - this should be interesting!

I can't think of anything more embarrassing than an elementary school crush. Maybe it's because I was chubby, shy, and, well... I had a long awkward stage. Hell, I got glasses, braces, and a perm in the same year - but don't worry, I've had most of those photos quarantined, and we're going a bit further back than that. I have three awkward crush stories, and I can't think of which I should tell, so I'll give you all of them! Lucky you!
Aww I'm so presh with my lunchbox!!
1. In third grade (about age 8), I moved from California to Idaho, and one of the first things I did was identify a suitable crush. Jake was smart, funny, nice to everyone, and we played a lot in the wood bark pit in the playground. And here's the bit where I admit to something I have never, to this day, admitted to anyone ever. One day, I saw him leave said bark pit, and so I went over to it to play. And when I got there, I found a big Magic 8 ball. Instead of finding out who it might belong to, I put it in my backpack, and kept it. I told my parents he had given it to me because he liked me. That's right, I probably stole a toy from my crush. I'm sure Mum and Dad knew he didn't give it to me, because of the amount of times I was asked about it, but I never gave up my story - until now. Thank you, Throwback Thursdays, for ridding me of my guilt. Mum, please throw away my magic 8 ball.

2. On the very last day of fifth grade, we were playing card games in groups on the floor. And I, typically, was wearing the most inappropriate outfit for this activity - a jean skirt. And I was sat across from Chris, the first redhead I ever liked (redheads ended up being a theme in my dating history, weirdly, as were gay men and Travis's, but that's a story for another day). I was crossing my legs Indian style, and Chris's friend told me in what I can remember being a very high whiney voice that everyone in the class could see my underwear. Thanks, kid. I moved my seating position to a ladylike side-saddle - 'We can STILL see your underwear!' Instead of doing what I should have done, pop that snotty child in the nose, shy 10 year old Laura ran to the bathroom crying, and stayed there until the last day of school was over. And then I never saw him again, as he moved schools. Actually I think he ended up at my high school, but he probably still remembers me as the crying girl with pink undies.

I look very underwhelmed to have just graduated from kindergarten - perhaps I'm confused as to the whereabouts of my legs?
3. Finally, in sixth grade, I had the joy of getting my very first boyfriend. Blake sat by me in class with a broken arm and I wooed him for 6 weeks - when he finally got the cast off he asked me for scissors to cut his long arm hair, and then asked me to be his girlfriend. What a charmer. I had three days of a blissful relationship, and then the class bully found out *dun dun DUNNN* - when he asked me if Blake and I were girlfriend and boyfriend in front of EVERYONE I hesitated... then said no. I remember very clearly thinking I didn't want Blake to get made fun of, which he most likely would have been if he was my boyfriend, so I lied to protect him. How entirely sad and moving is that? Self sacrifice at 11, it's pretty impressive.

So first of all I take elementary to be primary school?! In the UK primary school is normally divided into 'infants (5-7 years old)' and 'Juniors (8-11). My school crush remained the same throughout my entire time at good old Woodley C of E.

What a cutie in my school uniform!
I actually feel weird writing this because I have remained some what friends with my school crush so if ever reads this he will probably bring it up or awkwardly quote it :)

Anyways Chris had the cutest, curliest blonde hair when we first met at school. We were both in Mrs Addis's class and for some reason we were sat next to each other. Most of the stories I remember are because other people has told me about them years later but I do have vague memories of my own.

My favourite stories are about how we used to play 'Ghostbusters', dressed with Ghostbuster packs we would bounce on his bed firing foam bullets at each other until we'd fall down laughing or get told off for jumping too hard. I haven't seen them but I've heard there is photo evidence of us eating dinner in the packs because we refused to take them off.

Then there was the times he would come over to play and we'd make our own forts, eat our dinners in there and hide when his Mum came to pick him up.

My other actually memory was one of my only notable moments at primary school and that when I became the first girl to kiss a boy in my year! Weirdly I remember it so well but that could be because I have told this story more than a few times. It was just before summer holidays and we were talking about Danny and Sandy in Grease, it seemed funny that I had Danny's hair color and Chris had Sandy's. We then said it was funny how they kissed and that as it was summer and we loved each other that we should therefore kiss. So we ran behind the grundons (wheelie bin) - glamorous right?! - and kissed. Then when we reappeared to the chart of 'Sarah and Chris sitting in a tree (clearly inaccurate), k.i.s.s.i.n.g' we'd become talk of the playground.
Everlasting love?
I'm pretty sure after that summer holiday he found a new girl but it was fun while it lasted :)


  1. Childhood crushes can be so fun and great memories...

    They are tough when you are a child though, especially if you get picked on it because of the crush.

    I was an introvert... people that know me now, find that very hard to believe.. my David says he's my witness as I was extremely shy in grade 10... so glad I am over that now:)


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