Wednesday, 14 May 2014

I Woke Up Like This - A Huge Step Forward For Idaho

Honestly, I couldn't believe my Instagram feed this morning. Scrolling through as I was waking up, I came across the news I hadn't dared let myself even hope for:

That's right, good old Idaho - I've always been proud of my beautiful home state, but at the same time completely mortified at how backwards the state is in some things - we are 50th in education funding (that's last.), have very right wing, anti-gay people in power, and nothing I've ever heard in the news here about Idaho has been good (think snake infested houses, neo-nazis.... the only good thing was when we were in the papers for our legal marriage in the UK, and it mentioned I was from Idaho!)

Of course, Governor 'Butch' Otter (the most ironically named governor I've come across due to his feelings on butch lezzies) is doing his best to fight the news and return Idaho to the dark ages (2006, when it was put into the constitution that marriage is between a man and woman). But you know, even if he succeeds this time, Idaho has made this step, and it will happen again.

Whether same-sex marriage is legal in Idaho for our wedding in 6 weeks time (I never thought I'd write that sentence!!!) or not, I will be a little more proud to be an Idahoan because of today.

I've got everything crossed for my little home state - because if this sticks we will have everything anyone could ever want - mountains, Whole Foods, copious amounts of potatoes, and the gays.

I'll keep everyone posted!


  1. I saw this on Instagram... wow, so happy for you... I will never understand how anyone wants to make decisions for how people live their lives...

    Oh... yay to six weeks... that is close :)

  2. Will keep everything crossed! Love youz! xxx


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