Thursday, 29 May 2014

One Month From Today

*Posted one day late - oops!*

Precisely one month from today, I will watch my love of over 5 years walk down the aisle towards me, most likely crying slightly already (if all our readings/songs/speeches so far are anything to go by).
One month from today, I will fail at not ugly-crying when I see how beautiful she is.

One month from today, our lovely makeup artist will earn her keep, unless they invent extreme cry-proof makeup between now and then.

In a month from now, we will see so many of our loved friends and family, and be overwhelmed and happy and grateful that they all made it to see us cry at each other in front of my Dad officiant and a beautiful tree.

One month from now, we WILL eat the dinner we've chosen. It's said that the happy couple never have time for dinner, but we plan to buck this trend and eat all of everyone's mac n cheese and mash, at least.

Yum, mac n cheese.

And geez I can't wait to see our cake! One. month.

A month from today, I will make a point of sitting back to watch the action - we only get to do this once, and I want to take in as many memories as possible of this day we've planned for 1.5 years (or more, if we're honest).

And we will be just so in awe of our vendors and the people we are lucky enough to have helping make this dream a reality.

In a month, I will struggle SO MUCH not taking photos of everything. It's in my nature, my memory-obsessed nature, to photograph everyone and everything, always. But we have gorgeous photographers, and a videographer for that - Laura, you do not need to have it all on your phone, on your camera, on Sarah's phone, and your own personal video camera. Calm it and enjoy the day.

In one day less than a month, I will likely not heed that warning, and charge my various devises, JUST IN CASE.

One month from now, I will somehow find myself dancing to Cotton Eye Joe, which Sarah has demanded, though I swore at my last high school dance that NEVER AGAIN, because that's love, right?

And I'll secretly enjoy it.

One month. We will laugh and dance and sing and rap (maybe) and cry together, and not stop smiling the entire day because this is what we've wanted pretty much since we starting going out, and its finally here!!!

In one month and one day, I'll officially wake up with a wife. Not just any wife, the BEST wife I could have ever hoped for. One that I can go on for pages singing the praises of, but I'll save that for the wedding speech another blog post.

And in a month, we will be married. 100%, non of this half-married business. We will be Mrs. + Mrs. Smith - let the years of hotel and airline staff thinking we're using aliases begin!


  1. Yay... I am excited for you too... I can't believe how fast it has come... I can't wait to see all kinds of pictures but do relax some and enjoy your day as much as you can :)


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