Sunday, 25 May 2014

Sarah + Laura Wedding 2014: 4 Weeks, 5 Weeks

Omg omg omg. It's only 4 weeks until we go! And 5 weeks until we marry!

On Monday we went to get our teeth whitened - went to the So Me Health and Wellness Clinic in Clapham Junction, and got a whitening treatment that is more natural, doesn't have any bleach in it. We had our mouth propped open, some gel on our teeth, and a light laser on it for 15 minutes - this was done 3 times. It was the most relaxing experience for L, who has had years of orthodontic work thanks to a large overbite and an American upbringing, and a quite painful one for S, who hasn't had much dentistry done past check ups and teeth cleanings, and generally has a much lower pain threshold (and is much louder about it! ;D)

Why did Blogger widen our faces? Anyway, you get the idea - teeth!
We are definitely pleased with the results - while we haven't achieved that 'American white' smile that comes with bleach whitenings (which we didn't want!) our smiles look more photo-ready. We definitely recommend the clinic in Clapham Junction - if you want to do it, contact us and we can get you a discount!

But the hard part, the really hard part, came next - no coffee, tea, red wine, or Coke - for 48 hours. Thankfully we don't really drink any of the first things, but 2 days without DC??? Good thing they told us this after the treatment as I'm not sure we would have gone through with it had we known! The next day, we started an epic search for something light coloured that has caffeine in it. No such luck. Laura bought fizzy flavoured waters to try to trick her body into thinking its getting DC, but it did not work. Tuesday night had Laura sitting in her dark bedroom fighting a migraine! Anyway, Wednesday at 20:30, the nightmare is over, and we can go back to our previous ways. Especially with this pre-wedding diet business, we have no business giving up our precious addiction.

Is there a DC Anonymous? Not that we want to quit, just wondering. 

Wedding glam prep really started last week, when Laura started going tanning a few times per week. Yes, we know tanning beds aren't good for you and all that, but as it's only for a month (2 weeks for quick-tanning S) and we need to have a base colour before our British-haven't-seen-the-sun-properly-and-consistently-in-like-nine-months skin hits the Vegas heat. We will fry. And have strap marks for our wedding. Sorry guys that just can't happen.

Laura sunbathed before Prom in high school for a few months, and honestly she loves it - it feels luxurious, and it's nice to have a little sun every other day among the grey and often rainy British weather. She'd never do it without a big event like the wedding, mostly because of finances, but its a nice treat.

This last weekend we had two of our best girls up for a sunny pre-America prep trip - us, Lisa and Alison all sunbathed (in the actual sun!), and went shopping for some Vegas outfits. This meant strapless for Sarah and I, again due to the strap marks situation. You can tell we are seriously concerned haha!

We've put out schedules on the admin side, written lists of things to pack/buy/food we need for the weekend/things we need to do/ etc etc. 

Our RSVPs were due Friday, and going through them made us even more excited about the big day. Obviously as always there are people we'd love to be there who won't be able to make it, but we were surprised, and humbled, by how many amazing people are coming - from near and far, close to us in our pasts and now - it's just amazing and will be so great to spend time with everyone. Now - the seating plan!

It's all coming together and we are so excited!!


  1. It's coming around very fast.
    Love the teeth whitening! Wonder if theres a clinic in South Wales... I really want mine done.. Don't know about the no Tea for 48 hours though ... Eek. My tea addiction is probably as bad as your DC addiction.

    Be excited you deserve it.

  2. YAY... the wedding is so close.. I love how you have planned things so well, I am so excited for you two xox


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