Thursday, 22 May 2014

The Ramblings Of A Bride-To-Be

Do you ever have that feeling that there just aren't enough hours in the day, days in the week or weeks in a month? I mean, it is just me, did I miss March and April and some how land up in mid-May? Is everyone this busy?

Sitting here at lunch, a lunch break I am enforcing myself to have so I can start work afresh in a bit, I just wrote my to-do lists - a work one, a personal one, a wedding one and a things not to forget one. How is it that I now need 4 to-do lists to manage my one life?

I know that commuting 2 hours both ways to work limits the 'free time' Laura and I get to enjoy but in all honesty that time is well used - I don't remember the last journey where we didn't plan, agree or organise at least one thing! For anyone who has read this blog over the past few months you will know that L is an efficient, effective planner so there is no way we aren't going to get things sorted and organised!

Lets hope :)

This post is almost written to distract my brain, it's therapy so I can say to someone, anyone, everyone that I survived having 4 to-do lists! I mean once we have the wedding that will be 1 to-do list done, and three is far more manageable right?!

My face doing our seating plan
We have a wedding post coming up so I won't cover whats in that, but it's all exciting, it's coming together - I can't quite believe it's 1 month and 6 days away! And only one month till we leave - or 20 working days!!!!

Then there's the personal stuff - simple things like remembering to moisturize, plan in exercise - I am walking the 1.5 miles from the station while L tans or getting off at the closer stop so we can get home earlier and go for a jog/stroll. But then there's appointments - L already has hers planned but I'll be going looking like I've spent 3 weeks in a jungle if I'm not careful!

It's amazing how much you really have to plan things through when time is tight - we have worked out anything less than 6 hours sleep doesn't work - then we deal with half asleep driving, falling asleep at the desk by 3 - but we can't seem to be able to eat dinner, get petrol, exercise, both have showers and get to bed in time in one evening - we have to schedule. Seeing friends becomes a logistical plan.....if we meet X here at 6.30pm we can get back to the car by 9pm then home by 10.30pm leaving time for one of us to have a shower - you get the idea!

It means right now we are living for the weekends, just to have time to stop and reevaluate and enjoy being together. We know it'll all be worth it but it has been so great having this blog space to record our experiences - jointly, separately, the good, the bad and the plain crazy! I mean remember when we got legally married?! That was almost 2 months ago - WHAAAAAAATTTTTT!!!!!!

And I can't forget the job to-do list, ever growing, ever changing - this job has been more than I ever expected! In previous jobs I thought I was busy but here as well as still learning I am attending events and doing all kinds of things I knew I could do just never had the chance! I have my 6 month probation review on the 16th June and I am really hoping I can become an official Unicorn Trainer at that point!

My favourite Unicorn things so far!

Finally, the things not to forget - this is the hardest of all lists, part of it is on my phone, in notebooks, on paper in my bag - literally anywhere I could find somewhere to write when the thought hit me. I have never had the greatest of memories - those puzzles on Survivor, you know where you have to memorise things - would screw me. I can remember random facts, interesting stories - a colleague is a bee keeper and I have now shared my bee knowledge with more than a few people - I digress! Ah you see a perfect example -if I don't write it down when I think about it, it goes! So the things not to forget - this includes saying thank you to people - for helping, for cards, for thoughtful messages, for gifts, for being there for us but it also covers things liked getting insurance, paying car tax etc.

So there you have it - the chaotic ramblings of a bride-to-be with 5 weeks to go. Hopefully in a year I'll look back at this post and smile at how busy I was while I relax in our house, with our puppy and a very happy wife!


  1. I love a good list & like you need to write down do not forgets otherwise I will forget... I probably have about 4-5 different notebooks containing lists.... But at least things get done... Eventually.

    I can't believe how fast the wedding is coming around, looking forward to the wedding post. Natasha & I have been "married" (civil partnership technically but we are wife& wife & are married 8 months today!!! It has just flown by. Enjoy every minute of the craziness because you'll miss it when it's gone.

  2. You will make it through and wow.. less than 5 weeks... this is exciting... you are right it seemed to fly... I can't wait to see your dresses and hear about everything once you get married in the states.. :)


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