Tuesday, 18 November 2014

28th June 2014 - Our Wedding Photos - First Look ♥

We decided to do a first look because we thought we'd have enough emotion during the ceremony without seeing each other for the first time then, so wanted to have a private moment together to see each other in our wedding dresses beforehand. And boy are we glad we did, because we were less nervous for the ceremony, and enjoyed the whole day more!

Also, this dock was just begging for a first look!


Here she comes!

Love Sarah's face in this one!

Always looking out for me 

Aren't the surroundings INCREDIBLE?

♥ True love 

We really recommend doing a first look - it was amazing to have a few moments to stop and be by ourselves in a day that rushes by so quickly!

One of the things we are most proud of are how many personal touches there were in our wedding - amazing talent from Laura's mum and from bridesmaid Julia - support for an LGBT charity, beautiful things, we can't WAIT to show you them all on Thursday (20th November!)!

If you haven't yet seen it, click here to see our getting ready photos!

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  1. These. Are. Stunning. Thank you so much for sharing such a sweet and initiate part of your day. I loved having that moment on camera with Jesse too. Our first look is the one picture I have up in our house.

    Thank you too for always leaving such thoughtful comments on my blog. You girls are such dears.

  2. Girls you're both so amazing!! And SOOOO in love. It shows in all your pictures. A first look is such a great thing to do too.
    My favourite picture is the last but one... Love the surroundings, your dresses are gorgeous & the reflection in the water is beautiful.
    Complete and utter love to you both cause youre both amazing & deserve all the happiness in the world. ��������

  3. You two look so beautiful... I really like the idea of the first look and what a great backdrop to see each other on ♡

  4. GORGEOUS! Loving these photos :) We did a first look also and I recommend doing one too!


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