Monday, 3 November 2014

Halloween Weekend!! A Weekend Round Up

This past weekend was one of my favourite holidays - Halloween! And on top of it, one of my closest friends from school is here in England on her way home from a travel nursing assignment in India. So, it was a doubley awesome week!
On Thursday, in the lead up to Halloween, Sarah and I continued our annual tradition of seeing the Rocky Horror Picture Show at Prince Charles Cinema in London. It has been my favourite movie since I was 14 or so, and we've seen it every year we have been together (except one, 2010 when we were in Oz!).

This time, we took along my friend (also named Sarah, great name!) who had not seen RHPS before, let alone attended a screening full of people in corsets and fishnets, yelling at the screen and participating in the film. And we didn't really know how to explain the concept beforehand, either. So the poor thing I'm sure thought it was incredibly weird! But it seems she loved it all the same, even though someone threw rice in her beer haha. 

BTW I love Tim Curry so so much.

Friday, I threw a Halloween lunch for my colleagues at work. It was so much fun - I had creatively themed foods, a pumpkin carving competition, Halloween music videos going on in the background - it was awesome! My colleagues all dressed up as well, which I loved.

It's so odd being an American in this country, because on one hand I love being the influence to make my favourite holidays fun for all my colleagues. But also, I feel a bit sad that Halloween isn't EVERYWHERE like it is at home! It was their first ever time carving a pumpkin, most had never trick or treated before, or only done it once and not again because so few houses participated, oh and here, Halloween has to be scary costumes - my Cinderella one was certainly out of place! But on the plus side, at least now they can all say they've carved a pumpkin! Captain America strikes again!

We left early from work to get up to Birmingham for our very first year in the house to receive trick-or-treaters! I'd left a skeleton up all week as a sign to parents that we would be giving out sweets. But then, there were two accidents on our way up - resulting in us not getting home until after 7pm! I was sure our house would be egg'd or something for having the decorations up but not being in!

Luckily, as we pulled up there were two trick-or-treaters next door, making our way to ours. I scooted inside just in time! And am happy to report we got about 10 kids to our house!! I was pretty impressed as it would have been too late for the really little ones. I was surprised to see no Elsa's from Frozen - I know I'd been told about the scary costume thing, but didn't truly believe people wouldn't dress up as princesses or Disney characters! Either way, I almost cried because I was so happy - such an awesome Halloween, being proper grown ups, in our proper house, giving out candy.

Saturday, our friend Lisa joined, for a girls weekend/Vegas reunion. We took them into Birmingham town centre, where we walked the canals in the sunshine, and had a yummy pub lunch. We love nothing more than showing friends around, whether its London or Birm!

We went to Bonfire Night fireworks in the evening, it was good fun to take Sarah (our friend, not my wife) to celebrate a holiday they've never even heard of in the states). It wasn't too cold too, and we loved feeling like locals! We finished the evening with a delicious roast, and having her try a Yorkshire pudding - the result of a hilarious miscommunication where we were saying she should try one, and she was telling us she doesn't really like dessert - we couldn't figure out where the convo was going wrong, until finally we realised the word 'pudding' was throwing her off, it's not sweet!

Sunday was amazing, relaxing, couch-ing, eating, and enjoying our home. 

What a weekend, what a way to usher in November! Now I can't get in trouble for singing Christmas tunes!!

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  1. I am glad you had so much fun with Halloween... you got 10 more trick or treaters that I had... the next place I move I want to be able to hand the treats out, Valentina would really enjoy that :) Have a fun week xox


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