Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Happy Halloween 2012

Dear lovely followers and anyone else who has dropped by to our blog on this world wide web!

We are currently snuggled up on this wet, windy and cold Halloween evening which ruined our plan to take our newest edition out into the world so we had to settle for an night in eating Chinese takeaway.

Laura always finds Halloween in the UK disappointing; it's fair to say that it is! Generally, we don't dress up, we don't decorate our houses and pumpkin carving is not something we get involved in. All that changed for me when I met Laura! She opened my eyes to what Halloween can be!

Even before Laura and I got together she was bringing Halloween into my life. This photo was taken at our first job together back in 2010 after she suggested our office should dress up!

A year later we had arrived back from Laura's 21st Birthday in Vegas and we were already in the Halloween spirit as we had been spotted a number of houses decorated in early October.

This time I had Laura's advice on outfits! Laura's team had decided to go dressed up as a Circus Theme  - it was the first time I found out that Halloween costumes didn't have to be scary! (Laura was a lion tamer, I was a devil!)

We hope you've had a great Halloween - to finish we thought we'd share our favourite pumpkin carvings that we've found - enjoy!

Good enough to eat?

Just creepy!

Now that's just rude!


So clever!!!

Give us a kiss!

This made us smile today! Nando's is right for EVERY holiday!



  1. I love all the pumpkins... my little Valentina loved trick or treating, she was a leopard and everyone loved her costume:)

  2. Awesome post, those pumpkins are amazing! Love the Halloween costumes, glad to see Laura is spreading the spirit of Halloween! xx

  3. hahaha!! LOVE the kissy face pumpkin.. made me laugh. Glad you girls had a nice, cosy Halloween!! :-)


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