Thursday, 10 January 2013

Laura proposed to Sarah - A Winter Wonderland

So it turns out after nearly 4 years of living practically side by side it’s still possible for Laura to completely surprise me. In fact, even though I knew a proposal might happen at some point, my amazing lady still managed to take my breath away.

Having said that, all hints, speculation and digging on my part had led to the conclusion that the proposal would be in New York, a plan that was originally in place I found out after, so to say I was unprepared is an understatement.

The day of the 21st did not start well; I was sooooooo ill that the only way I was convinced to leave the house was on the promise of snow and the offering of plenty of medication. Coaxed along by Laura and her parents I got into the car wrapped up snug as a bug in rug, water bottles and medication in hand ready for our ‘snow show expedition’ in McCall.

I guess that’s the thing when you are on holiday - you know you are on a time limit, so being ill has to be dealt with. Thankfully, as the drive into the mountains continued, my medicine kicked in and after the 2 and a half hour journey drew to a close I was starting to feel better.

We arrived at the snow covered McCall and just the sight brought a smile to my face, I never realised how much, but I REALLY LOVE SNOW!

Laura’s Dad chose the direction and we headed off the main road and further into the mountains. After a brief discussion it was agreed that we would find somewhere to walk instead of snowshoe, which had been the plan. I have no idea if it was planned or just luck but we drew up to the entrance of Ponderosa State Park and saw a couple of cars and a snowmobile track leading into the woods.

Although the park was closed we decided to follow the snowmobile tracks on foot and before I knew it Laura’s Dad had run off ahead to ‘explore’ and Laura’s Mum had made an excuse to walk behind. I never suspected a thing; I was just enjoying the walk in the snow.

As we approached an opening in the trees you could hear the river running by and a bridge over the river provided the perfect crossing and opportunity to admire the winter wonderland. I was in my snow heaven.

As we got to the bridge, I noticed what looked like heart shaped lights on the snow and thinking someone had dropped them, Laura and I took a closer look. No sooner had I gotten to the lights, Laura dropped to her knee.


I was so surprised, I was instantly relieved of my cold, burst into tears and hugged my beautiful fiancée till I stopped. What I didn't realise was hiding in the bushes was Laura’s Dad! So much for exploring – he had gone ahead to set up!

And Laura’s Mum wasn't just walking behind, she was taking photos the whole time – it really was a family proposal and that made it all the more special.

I can’t explain the location as anything more than a winter wonderland - snow covered trees, the running river, partly frozen over, the silence, the beauty, the breath-taking view, being completely alone – it was one of the most amazing places I have had the pleasure of being in.

After I had recovered and the photo session was over we strolled further into the forest and had so much fun making snow angels and trying to get the ‘perfect’ jumping photo – if there is such a thing.

Laura and I did it, Laura’s Dad and I did it, Laura’s parents did it – we were laughing so much! I mean when the last time you just ‘jumped for joy’?! It’s liberating!

Having considered just staying in the car to sleep and let the Smith family go alone to enjoy the walk I am so glad that the medicine kept the flu at bay long enough to get out and enjoy what will be referred to as the most ‘Romantic Walk’ I will EVER take. It was perfect, Laura was perfect, the snowy weather was perfect, the location was perfect, the parental film/camera skills were perfect – it was PERFECT!

I could not be happier to finally call Laura my Fiancée instead of Girlfriend, to use any chance to flash my gorgeous (if I say so myself) ring to everyone and anyone and follow it up with how amazing, wonderful, incredible and perfect my Fiancée is!

If I was proposing to myself I wouldn't have done anything differently :) and was secretly (maybe not so secretly) I was over-the-moon that Laura picked that time and place that is so special to us over New York. While I’m sure that would have been amazing, there was nothing better than sharing the moment with my fantastic in-laws to be and to have the secluded area to ourselves. It also meant I could flash my ring when Laura was telling her friends about the engagement for the rest of the trip. If I haven’t mentioned it before, it was ALL PERFECT!!!!

And now the wedding planning fun begins!!!


  1. This totally made me tear up! So so happy for you guys, this is the most romantic thing ever! Xx

  2. So awesome! So so so happy for you ladies!! xo

  3. This is beautiful... so lovely... congratulations again:)

  4. *cue the tears* This was so unbelievably sweet and perfectly romantic. The winter photos are stunning! Love, LOVE these proposal stories! xox

  5. I love that you have matching coats!

  6. fantastic!! congratulations!

  7. Sooooo romantic and beautiful xxx

  8. It was a very special day and I am so glad that I was a part of it! Congratulations! Love youz!

  9. I am back again but it still a lovely tale and what a special day it was :)


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