Wednesday, 25 February 2015

It's a Gay Olde Life!

I can't believe how infrequently we post here now. We had discussed restarting the blog with a bang in the new year and then our furry bundle came along and we promptly found an idyllic balance of work, home life and being together. Blogging seems to have become secondary.

However it has been such a significant part of our lives, our relationship and in keeping track of our lives that i'm not sure i'm ready to let it go completely. It was actually two random messages that actually made me want to write this post, partly as a thank you and partly because it's about time we wrote a post!

The comments, both through Facebook, were from two lovely ladies - one we know and have known for while who was reading our blog to catch up on our lives since the last time we met the other from someone who has followed our blog and wanted to say 'thank you to you two for being you and for letting us be a part of your life'. It's the comments that have always made our blog so worthwhile. For us personally of course but also because when we first dated there was no 'normal lesbian' life for us to aspire to everything was about lesbian sex or 'who looks like a lesbian' or 'hey look we are lesbians with a cause/chip on our shoulder'. There were plenty of blogs showing straight couples life's but very few lesbian couples just getting on with their lives, in normal relationships. Our aim was to be that normal relationship.

Thankfully as time has gone on there are so many more blogs normalising gay relationships that it makes being 'gay' no longer the niche it once was and that is so refreshing. Hopefully wherever you are reading this being gay is no longer the issue it once was.

And so to our lives. Bisbee is growing up fast - a little too fast for our liking especially when she needed a hair cut, we left it as long as possible as we like her teddy bear look but a freshly trimmed puppy means we get to see her eyes so that's a plus.

Oh and we have actually had a couple of puppy play dates both with lovely lesbian couples that we met through social media.

The first was with fellow Birmingham-ites Laura and Estelle and their pretty pooch Deliah. We had the perfect chilled out afternoon strolling around Birmingham's Cannon Hill Park before heading to a farmers market. It's amazing how fast time flies when you are having fun we had made our dogs walk for over 3 hours by the time we parted - no wonder they slept for days after!

Our other puppy date was with Sara and her wife Sam. They are based a little further north of the country so we looked up a location somewhere between the both of us and agreed on Ashbourne. It was a beautiful market town in Derbyshire famous for it's market square and cobbled streets.

We parked and met the girls before getting to know one another while strolling around a very muddy park with our puppies. Their puppy Otis is two weeks younger than Bisbee and while she tried to force him to play he was more interested in cuddles so our walk involved a lot of muddy paws on coats and leggings as they ran around excitedly and then tried to climb up.

The February weather got the best of us and saw us retreating to a pub when the rain arrived. Thankfully Ashbourne is really dog friendly and most shops and pubs let you in with your dog. Our pub of choice overlooked the market and was big enough to let the puppies run around and make friends with the owners sausage dog Reuben. The walk did the job of wearing them out though and they slept throughout our entire lunch!

3 hours later we had talked, eaten and drunk enough Diet Coke to keep us going so we headed out to explore in the sun that had replaced the rain. Ashbourne was a maze of interesting streets with unique shops and plenty to see. We even found an indoor market that we could walk round with the pups. Having said that we didn't do much walking as everyone wanted to met the puppies - it was like holding a mini-celebrity!

Our final stop was a cute tea room for an afternoon snack of cake and milkshakes, again the puppies slept at our feet. Understandable -  i'm sure 6 hours of listening to me talk would have anyone asleep.

It might be fair to say that Bisbee has a better social life than us or at least our social life is better with her! We are just lucky that she loves meeting new people, sleeping for hours in the car and walking for hours while we chat.

Life is good right now.


  1. Hear, hear ladies- loved Saturday! See you soon xx

  2. Life certainly does get busy but I hope you will always keep the blog even if you can only post from time to time... I really enjoy your updates xox

  3. I, too, hope you continue to blog. Over the past couple of years, I've been following your life through your blog and other social media. I've never posted til now. I really appreciate hearing about your happy life with each other. It's so inspiring how devoted you are to each other. It always puts a smile on my face when I read your writing, esp. your long-form writing. From across the Atlantic, Tara


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