Monday, 9 February 2015

It's Official

I have a job!!

As most of you will know, I left my beloved role at Threshold Sports at the end of January, because the 4-5 hour daily commute had become too much, and too expensive, and we decided 2015 was the year to properly move to Birmingham.

So after having two promising roles go to internal applicants (how does that happen twice?) I was given the opportunity to interview at a training company, here in the Kings Norton area... and I got the job - started today!

I am really excited because training is the field I started my career in (Sarah and I even met in training!) and I think there's a lot I can bring to the company. And perhaps the best thing? The hours are 8 to 4pm, and the office is only a 6 minute drive from home! Or, a 20 minute stroll, as I found out today!

I just can't imagine how incredible it will be to get home by 4:30pm each day - after over a year of not getting home until 8pm, Sarah and I will not know what to do with all our free time!

So we are officially proper Birmingham residents - dog walking, farmer's market-ing, korma eating (hey, we've got to work up to more spicy curries!) Brummies! And couldn't be happier 

P.S. to celebrate, why don't you head over to our Youtube channel to watch the beautiful professional videos of our wedding we just got back? We are just SO in love with them!

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  1. Congratulations, I am so happy that you have a new job so close to home... I would walk it everyday... except for the icy weather... I need to stop complaining about my 3 hour commute round trip after hearing about your 4-5 hour commute you had.. WOW.. no wonder you changed jobs. I am going to look for a new job too.. I am hoping for something this Spring, I would love to be able to walk to work, even if it took me 45 minutes... :) xox

  2. Congratulations on the new job! Your new work schedule sounds amazing! I just watched your highlights video and teared up a bit... so beautiful!


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