Saturday, 14 February 2015

Valentine's Day - To the Loves of my Life!

I am very lucky to have a life surrounded by strong, powerful, amazing women and I hope I never take that for granted. So on this Valentine's Day I thought I would write a dedication post to the wonderful women I love so very much!

The first is my wonderful, amazing, adorable wife who has single-handedly managed to find a job in a matter of days that gives us a lifestyle we once dared to dream about but were scared would never come true.  We are for all intents and purposes about to start a new, fulfilled life and it is mainly down to my wife. I can't wait.

Laura I love you so completely, madly, utterly. I am crazy in love with you and that makes every day better. The great times are exceptional, the bad times are never so bad, and the everyday is fantastic because I get to say I love you. I am proud to call you my wife, to talk endlessly about you to anyone and everyone who will listen and I am never short of things to say when they ask 'who's Laura?'. You complete me - Happy Valentine's Day my love.

The second lady is my Mum. The older I get the more I appreciate the practical help my Mum offers. When days are busy and long, I never underestimate the power of her home cooked meal and the offer of 'let me look after that' be it washing, paperwork or anything else. The past few days we've had my Mum to stay and through support, advice, guidance and a lot of work she's has turned our house from a building busting at the seams with our stuff back into our home. Since moving up full time we just hadn't had the time and in 3 days her experience sorted everything. We are lucky to have such a wise, helpful Mum to call on and we will never take it for granted.

The third woman is my Mom-in-law - Lyn. While we don't get to see Lyn anywhere near as much as we'd like, we are forever grateful for the Skype calls, Whatsapp messages and emails helping and advising us when planning trips, days out or even where to eat. Exploring every city is made better with the Lyn factor! We like to think that distance doesn't make a difference and our relationship with Lyn certainly shows that with modern technology it really doesn't, the only thing they need to work on is the virtual hug. We are constantly stocked with all the American goodness Laura misses and because of it L's homesickness is rare and infrequent- it's all because of the thoughtful lady that is my Mum-in-law. I couldn't have got luckier!

The final lady I have to mention is our puppy Bisbee! I like to think in human form she would be a wonderful woman because in puppy form she is so happy, loving, caring and ready to spread love that she couldn't be anything but wonderful. We have smiled more, laughed harder and found ourselves having conversations we never thought we would because of her. She has strengthened our family and given us the best excuse to have more time at home together so I couldn't not wish this bundle of joy a Happy Valentines!

I hope whatever you are doing, have done or plan to do today puts a smile on your face! Love is love and love is wonderful whoever you get it from!

Happy Valentine's day!


  1. What a beautiful tribute to some really amazing women... I love hearing all the wonderful things you had to say about each and every one of them... I hope you two had a really amazing Valentines day xox

  2. Thank you Sarah, this is truly beautiful! I love you! Lyn xxx


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