Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Review: Buckt - A Great New Way To Explore Birmingham!

When we were told about Buckt it's fair to say we were a little intrigued. A monthly subscription box that gives you 5 local activities to try? And how do you even pronounce the name of the company? (It's like 'Bucket', not like 'Booked', as Laura initially thought!) The concept was all new to us.

All I can say is, we are so glad we tried it.

Buckt is currently the UK's only ticket and activity subscription box and we highly recommend it if you are based in Birmingham, for these three simple reasons:
  1. It takes away the stress/ time/ effort of having to come up with date night/day activities
  2. It's a great way to discover new things to do / more about the city you live in or around
  3. It's really cost effective
Each box has a different selection of activities so you never know what you are going to get, although the website gives you insight into the type of activities available. Possible activities include:
  • Brewery Tours
  • Butterfly Farm visit
  • Tribute band night 
  • Go-Karting
  • Laser Tag
  • Museum guided tours
  • Cocktail Masterclass
  • Drifting (car) Passenger Experience
  • And loads more.......
Our duo box (for 2) included:
  • A meditation class - where we discovered Birmingham has Peace Gardens!
  • Rage Room - did you see our videos on Instagram Stories? We loved it.
  • Guitar lessons - Laura made the most of these to learn a song she wanted to serenade me with (aww)
  • A night at the Bingo - which included two extra passes to take two friends
  • A film at the Mockingbird Cinema
A summary of each activity we got to do is below to give you an idea of what to expect.

A single box is £12.50 - that's it! A dual box is £25. That's right, as a couple, your entire month's dates could cost you less than a dinner. Plus, if you use our code SARAHPLUSLAURA you get 50% off your first box. Oh and you can get them as gifts if you want to make someone's Christmas. It's on our wish list :)

So here's the process:

And if you are ordering it as a gift:
Or check it out here
And here's our experiences review:
Meditation Class: We were expecting a yoga style class what we got was a Kadampa monk talking us through a process to create space in our minds and learn to relax. By reading from a book, the monk explained how those with a more grateful heart are happier and how we should focus on things we can be grateful for. It was a strange experience and not one we would rush back for but it was nice to take some time out from our hectic lives. For us, the highlight was discovering a whole new part of Birmingham, we had never even heard that there were peace gardens here! We will definitely be back to wander around those. As for the meditation, if you are someone who stresses easily or needs to relax we would suggest a visit to the centre. The people there are lovely. We also found some parking in town that's free after 6pm #winning!

Rage Room: A room where you can smash up a selection of things. From throwing glasses against the wall to smashing up keyboards with bats, this is a great way to work out frustrations or just work out! You can listen to your own playlist - so we went for 90's pop rock, think Green Day / Rage Against The Machine / Blink 182 etc - and it was great. You are walked through how to 'smash' things and then left to it. We loved it! You may have seen our Instagram story at the time, one of us was better at smashing things up than the other (who, it turns out, is a weakling) but it was so much fun that didn't matter.

Guitar Lessons: These are actually music lessons so you can pick an instrument of choice but we went for guitar as Laura actually owns one. The teacher was calm, endearing and set the lesson pace for us. As Laura reads music and played viola we moved quickly through the activities. Great for pushing yourself out of your comfort zone or trying something completely new.

BJ Bingo: This has got to be the bargain in the box. 4 passes to play Bingo with dinner and a drink. We ended up having 10+ games of Bingo and it was a whole evening's worth of entertainment. We were a little overwhelmed walking in with numbers being shouted out quickly but we met some lovely ladies who showed us what to do and by the end we were loving it and saying we will definitely be back. 

Mockingbird Cinema: located in Digbeth, in the Custard Factory, this place is more than a cinema - it's dining experience too. Just like an old fashioned cinema you are welcomed to a kiosk and depending on how early you either directed to the restaurant or the cinema. There is only one screen so you can't get lost but it does mean you are limited to showtimes/days so it takes a bit of advance planning. Unless of course you are wandering around Digbeth and fancy catching a film! It is a much more intimate experience than a normal cinema and perfect if you want a more chilled night out.

I can say with certainty that we wouldn't have done any of these activities without Buckt. In fact, we wouldn't have even known about at least two of the activities!

Another benefit is if you want to take an extra person along to an activity you can 'Bring A Friend' with a one off pass ordered via the website. 

Oh, and if you think it might be tight fitting all activities in within a month, good news you actually get 6 weeks for most of the activities. You just book dates once your Buckt box turns up. Or if you like a plan, depending on where your activities are, you can always do two or three activities in one day. 

If you want to know more, check out the Buckt website here.

We would highly recommend checking it out.....the only downside is it is currently only in Birmingham!

*Disclaimer: We were not paid by Buckt to trial the subscription, however we were provided a box to try at no cost to us. The feedback is our own, based on our personal experiences.

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