Wednesday, 9 January 2019

5 LGBT Good News Stories!

Okay so who remembers the last time we posted something LGBT related?! Us either and we feel bad that it's been that long. The good news is that a lot of the drama we used to post about- gay marriage for the UK and the USA is starting to become a distant memory. In fact in our world - our small, mainly Birmingham and UK, based world things couldn't be better for us. Our life as a lesbian couple is exactly like all of our straight friends life's....except with a lot more teamwork.

But anyway this post wasn't/isn't about us. On new years eve I was looking for some good news that had happened in 2018 so we could leave the negativity of Brexit and Trump aside. What I found was a heartwarming post filled to the brim with 99 good news stories we had never heard about....I am guessing you may not have either.

If you want to read the whole post it can be found here. It is written for Future Crunch who focus on collating good news stories.

We wanted to pick out the key LGBT headlines that we found interesting. We know the rest of the world has a long way to go with improving rights and understanding of/for the community so any good news is positive.

Here are the top 5 headlines we found:
  • Costa Rica's supreme court ruled their ban on same-sex marriage was unconstitutional
  • India's highest court struck down a century old prohibition on homosexual sex
  • Lebanon issued a new judgement saying homosexuality is not a crime
  • Trinidad and Tobago high court ruled a law banning gay sex as unconstitutional
  • Pakistan passed a law giving transgender citizens basic rights and banning employers from discriminating
Other points we thought were really interesting:
  • In 2018, for the first time since agriculture-based civilization began 10,000 years ago, the majority of the world is no longer poor or vulnerable to falling into poverty 
  • Teenage drinking across Europe declined and the UK saw the steepest decline
  • Scotland became the first country to guarantee free sanity products to all students AND
  • Scotland became the first country to teach pupils about lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex rights in schools

Anyway the whole 99 stories will take you abut 15 minutes to read if you have time and my mind was blown! It's amazing how many good things are going on in the world, they just don't make great headlines so we miss them. Well we do.

Anyway bring on an awesome 2019 and many, many more good news stories!

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