Wednesday, 23 January 2019

Baby Blogging: Day In The Life!

A while ago we were asked to film a 'day in the life' video and to be honest we didn't have a clue what we would record or why anyone would watch it. Anyway on Sunday we decided to give it ago, we thought worst case it will be a great reminder for us to look back on to see Annabelle at 6 months. She is definitely growing quickly!

So if you are interested in watching it's here.

We spent a family day visiting town, enjoying Nandos, taking Bisbee on a walk and relaxing at home. It was the kind of day we really enjoy having and we are lucky to have had a few quiet weekends so far this year.

Here's an old 'Day In The Life' video we did back in 2012 when we lived in London, click here.

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