Monday, 16 December 2013

A new start for Sarah!

So I thought I'd do a quick post and clarify what we've been referencing on Twitter and Instragram recently - started a new job!

For various reasons I've tried to keep it quiet, partly out of respect to my previous company and partly because I didn't want to jinx it. But Friday saw my last day at the company I had worked at for 2 and a half years. The day was filled with mixed emotions. Sadness that my time was coming to an end, I had a great team that all got on well and it was nice feeling like I had people I could chat to over tea. Happiness that I was ending on a high - everyone said they were really going to miss me and were sad to see me leave. Amused as everyone was dressed in Christmas sweaters - how can that not make me smile?

My leaving presents were all things I love - Diet Coke, in all sizes, sweets/candy and a cake pop maker (more for L to make me cake pops :D )! Two girls I was particularly close to also wrote me a personal leaving card - it was so sweet - I shed a few tears!

Today was a new world though - I am officially a Unicorn Senior Relationship Manager. That doesn't mean I manager relationships for Unicorns (unfortunately ;D ) but that I will be working to build existing accounts who want e:learning. So I'm still in training just a different type of training. It turned out that an opportunity came along just when we were trying to work out finances based on our existing income.

In the short term my journey is longer as I have to get into Bank instead of Victoria but the first day was great and I really like the team. My manager is lovely and everyone was so helpful. It's a small office in London with a bigger office in Bournemouth, where I went to university, and eventually I'll be able to work from home! Perfect for when we eventually move to Birmingham!

My beautiful fiancee made my first day all the better by taking me to Nando's and surprising me with a wonderful card and packet of Nerds - as i'm her Nerd :) I could not love her more!

So that's all my news for the moment, but where better to record it that our blog!


  1. Not too many people can call themselves a Unicorn Trainer! Well done! :D

  2. That's awesome, good luck in your new position, I am sure you will do fabulously :)


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