Tuesday, 31 December 2013

It's The End.... of 2013

We have been up in our new home since before Christmas, and wow how it has flown! We can't believe how lucky we are, and how right this place feels for us.

We were lucky enough to have Christmas day here together this year. We went caroling at the local church on Christmas Eve, then put together an indoor picnic of cheeses, meats and things to dip, and watched Christmas movies as well as Santa fly around the world delivering presents on the internet.

On Christmas morning, we woke up late and opened our presents - we only gave each other one each, as really what present can top a HOUSE? So we opened ones from L's family, and friends. We then went for a walk around our neighbourhood, before Sarah's parents arrived for Christmas dinner.

They brought a few more prezzies, we watched a movie together, and we roasted beef for the first time, as we'd just had Sarah's family Christmas (and a turkey!) the weekend before. Luckily it went well, and everyone loved it.

Sarah's family introduced Laura to Pictionary - 25 and a newbie shocking!!!- whether it was beginner's luck or just pure skill we were the winning team. Oh and Jenga randomly found it's way out of the depths of our cupboards - that game is tension inducing! Her parents then headed back to Reading, and we had a nice long Skype with Laura's parents.

Our low-key Christmas was pretty perfect!

Check out our classy sheet/curtain! Thank goodness, blinds will be fitted in Jan
Since then, we've spent time DIY-ing, building things, painting things, eating (we made cupcakes twice from our new Hummingbird Bakery book from L's parents!) - we aim to do a house post on a few of the more completed rooms in our house in the next few weeks.

And tonight, is New Years Eve! We can't say we are sad for this year to end. 2013 has been a fantastic year, one where we have done a lot of supporting of others, while there have also been HUGE changes in our lives (like Sarah's new job, a new house, commuting and suddenly having to count every penny!) - all good, but stressful. It's been a year of finding new friends and bringing back old ones, it's amazing how happy old friends have been about our wedding and we can't wait to have all the important people - past and present, at the wedding.
Queue random photo of pumpkin pie and mulled wine
It is officially less than 6 months from our wedding, and in less than 10 hours, it will be the year we get married in. We aim for 2014 to be our year - it will be one of the biggest of our lives, and we are determined to enjoy every minute of it. And though it's not looking likely, we'd like 2014 to be less busy! :)

So, in light of that, we've made a few new year's resolutions - not something we usually put a lot of stock in, but we feel there are some things that we need to leave in 2013.

1. Sweating for the wedding! Though I'd done well in my weight loss before our trip to Boise in September, since then, with my birthday, and holidays galore, I decided to enjoy myself and forget about it until the new year. But with less than 6 months until the biggest day of my life, there are no more excuses - I will look the way I want to look in June. That means toning up, and not baking any more cupcakes (until July!).

2. This year, I resolve to worry less about others. I've spent a good deal of the latter half of 2013 stressing myself into upset about relationships that I can't control. It's awful for me, a pain and upsetting for Sarah, and completely unnecessary. We've had a few issues of this in 2013, the worst of which being someone we thought was one of our closet friends randomly stopped answering our calls/texts in March, no explanation. I need to learn that I can't singlehandedly keep friendships going - that they are a two way street, if I am giving my best and not receiving back, it is not my responsibility to push until I do. If you are important to someone, they will come to you if they have an issue, and if they just fade away instead after you've tried to figure out why, you need to let them. Caring too much is an odd problem to have, but it is especially important this year as I want to focus entirely on being happy, and spending time with the woman who is to be my wife.

1. Panic less! This year has been exhilarating, exhausting, exciting, challenging, terrifying but ultimately filled with gestures of such kindness. On this roller coaster there have been plenty of tears though - good and bad. And plenty of doubt - mainly in my own capabilities. Laura handles things - generally in a cool as a cucumber 'we got this' kind of a way. I panic. I cuss. I drop the f-bomb if anything looks to be going wrong and worse still I get myself worked up before standing back and working out a plan of action. I get there eventually but in 2014 hopefully I can get there without the panic! Or with less of the panic!

We are in more debt, with more responsibility and about to have the biggest event of our lives and I can't wait - but as much as the buying the house was the right decision it hasn't been without hours of hugging Laura to gain reassurance that it will be worth it. Borrowing money from loved ones has caused us both angst - not because we aren't grateful, quite the opposite - we don't know how to show just how grateful we are - have we really made sure our families know we appreciate it more than we can ever say. Our lives are great because we are together but hopefully 2014 will be the year of paying people back and celebrating!

What are your resolutions for 2014?

We certainly won't be sad to see the back of 2013 - it was meant to be our 'quiet year to save' and that is NOT want it ended up being so who knows what 2014 will bring. All we ask for is the health and happiness of one another and all our loved ones - and of course anyone who reads this :)

The best possible ending to our year - white hot chocolate, Santa size!
As Sarah's Mum Scottish we have the traditional house cleaning to occupy the rest of our day - something about the new year being a clean start! Then we'll be ringing in the new year in our home, hand in hand - we hope you have a wonderful night, and that 2014 is your best year yet!


  1. I have a feeling that 2014 WILL, most definitely be your year! Getting settled in your new home, travel AND getting hitched! Sounds like it will be a-maz! Looks like you gals had a fab Christmas and P.S. Jenga is the best game ever!!!

    Happy New Year from New Mexico :)

    1. Thank you ladies. Happy (belated) New Year to you too! It is amazing how entertaining Jenga is- we may look into hiring giant Jenga for the wedding :) Hope all is well in New Mexico! xoxo

  2. I definitely think 2014 will be your year, you two have come so far since I started reading your blog about a year and half ago.. I can't wait to see pictures of the wedding, I know it will be amazing... Happy New Year Sarah and Laura from Canada :) <3

  3. Agreed! 2014 is totally going to be your year! So excited for your wedding!! Happy New Year from Cali <3 xo

    1. 2014 looks to have started well for you and your pups too :) Happy (belated) New Year to you lovely ladies too xoxo


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