Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Things To Look Forward To!

We are sure you can guess by now that every post for at least the next month will be about our wedding. Hey have you heard we are getting married? Well, we have been looking forward for this for so long, and we are just SO excited, so sorry not sorry! :)

Right now I/we are in that awkward balance between getting so excited we could burst and getting on with reality, it’s hard to pick an emotion sometimes!

While reality isn’t too bad for either of us, the travelling to and from work is taking vital time away from what we really want to be doing – finalising details, making sure everything is organised, making sure everyone is organised and planning our outfits! Oh and exercising and eating healthy – that takes time and effort (and will power!!)! We are trying to stick to the to-do lists, finding logical ways through what needs to be done and playing to each other’s strengths when dividing the tasks but all we really want to do is stay home together and enjoy this time.

Don’t get me wrong, at this point this isn’t stressful, it’s just busy! We only plan on doing this once and want everything to be perfect, we don’t want to look back and think ‘if only we had more time’.
Our Mum’s have been amazing, having L’s stateside has been such a help. Like L she is so organised and I would trust her to organise this wedding without us. Not only is L’s Mum super helpful she also has the ‘art’ gene and as well as helping out with our bridesmaid boxes at the very start of this process she is also making all the signs we will have around the venue! We can’t wait to see her and thank her in person as the barrage of thank you messages must be filling up every inbox!

Then my Mum - living with my Mum during the week means we can sit down on Sunday night and plan out our week, all 3 of us then walk away with our to-do lists and guaranteed my Mum will have hers done first and will be helping us do ours. A really good strength is that my mum thinks of EVERYTHING, I mean when we think we have it covered my Mum will list off 3 of 4 key things that we would have forgotten and been screwed! She’s also big into kicking everyone else into action – getting ESTA’s, booking things etc! Oh and we can’t forget the ‘wedding traditions’ she has reminded of that we would have been sad to miss……something borrowed, something blue, something old and something new, etc!

On days when excitement is reaching fever pitch all we can do is ring each other and sound like kids at Christmas. We will have a call just to talk about what we are excited about – seeing everyone, the venue, the food, VEGAS!, the table decorations, everyone having a great time, the restaurants we plan to go to, hiring the limo in Vegas, white water rafting, wearing our new clothes, everyone seeing the dresses and our plans come together – okay you get the idea- EVERYTHING!

And the fact that we haven’t had a holiday since last September means we are long overdue for a break! So even the thought of getting on a plane is exciting!

All I need to do now is figure out how to stop crying! Every card, incredibly generous contribution to our house fund, thoughtful email, text, tweet, facebook message or song!!!!! gets me. I will cry because I so damn happy, I’ll cry because I can't do anything else, I’ll cry from feeling overwhelmed at the kindness, I will CRY! I am hoping this excessive crying means I will not have tears left on the day. I know we will have our make-up genius on hand but there’s nothing she can do if I have a constant waterfall and at this rate that’s all it will be!!!

With every evening pretty much booked out at hair appointments, facials, nail appointments, eye lash extension appointments, tanning, L’s Nan turning 89, seeing the Bodyguard courtesy of our lovely friend Jemma, fitting in exercise and one last Nando’s, we know these last couple of weeks will fly, I just hope we don’t miss them! I am both wishing my life away and trying to hold on to every moment, ah the conflicts J

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  1. This is so incredibly exciting... I feel how hyped you are, I am so happy both your moms (mums) are helping out so much... this is going to come off beautifully, I just know it <3


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