Friday, 28 December 2018

Four Years Of Bisbee!!

4 years ago we bought home our first family member, a fluffy bundle that we know and love as Bisbee. Four years on we still count Bisbee as one of our best decisions. EVER.

The love we have for this dog is boundless, bountiful and best of all it is reciprocated.

We knew this year would be an interesting one for Bisbee especially with Bisbee becoming a big sister. A role she has taken very seriously. We even included her in Annabelle's naming day (post on that here). We have also jampacked Bisbee's year in other ways too, this post is just a quick run through of some of the highlights!

Everyone we know had two concerns 1) How would Bisbee react and 2) Would Bisbee like the baby. Well if you saw this post about having a baby and a dog you'll know that everything has worked out just fine. Our adaptable, loving Bisbee has welcomed Annabelle and enjoys having the extra attention when guests arrive. I don't think she minds me being at home more either!

At the start of this year we took a family trip with friends up to Scotland and spent time walking in snow covered mountains, taking in stunning scenery and adding a first for Bisbee - a dunk in an icy lake! The poor dog was investigating the ice when *crack* in she went. Laura and I both reacted by grabbing her out of the lake - a moment our friend caught on camera. We are kinda glad as it's the first time anything like that has happened and I'm sure, if Bisbee has anything to do with it, it'll be the last.

That trip was also fun for Bisbee as we took a boat to a secluded island in Loch Lomond for a walk, it turns out the island is home to deer and Bisbee and Farley (our friends dog) had a wonderful time chasing them. All we saw were flashes of Bisbee's pink coat. By the time she realised she'd never catch them it was time to get back on the boat. We were then heading home and Bisbee slept the entire 4 hour journey!

Deer weren't the only thing Bisbee chased this year, on our trip to Wales we came across sheep on one of our walks and Bisbee tried herding them. As they took off up the hill all we could do is watch and holler to try and get her back.

It is fair to say we have two Bisbee's. While the chasing exploits suggest an energetic dog who loves to be out and about the otherside of Bisbee is the opposite. Most days she'll be found asleep on the guest bed if the sun is bathing the bed. Or she'll be asleep under Annabelle's cot or on the couch next to us. On some days we have to physically cajole her out on a walk. A walk she loves once we're out but it's still a performance getting her there.

We have also had it confirmed that Bisbee definitely doesn't hate having her photo taken. At points in the past we thought we may be pushing her but as we set up photos with Annabelle who should appear - Bisbee! She can pull out a pose quicker than Annabelle. In fact we often have to give Bisbee treats for staying out of the photo!!!

Bisbee even dressed up for Laura's 30th princess party - as Cinderella!

At Halloween we went to Dogbeth Dining Club, an event with street food stalls for the humans and treats galore for the dogs. The dogs also had a fancy dress parade - we didn't enter - but it was great seeing all the costumes.

We walked 8 miles around Manchester in search of bees! Our post on the day is here.

We met Santa as a family and Bisbee got to play in fake snow.

On top of all of that we have a seriously loyal dog - unless my Mum is around then we're dumped - but this was highlighted recently when I was fighting my way into a rose bush to retrieve some items thrown in there after being stolen (a story for another day unless you saw it on our Instagram stories). After 10 or so minutes of fighting through to get to the centre I look up and who should be there - Bisbee. Our silly dog was soaking and had side stepped thorns and sharp bushes to be right beside me. It made my heart happy in ways only Bisbee can.

A final thought. When we got pregnant we were told that our love for our child would eclipse anything we've ever felt - including the love we have for Bisbee - but I can honestly say those people were wrong. Of course we love Annabelle wholeheartedly BUT our love for Bisbee hasn't changed, if anything it's increased. We don't love them differently. They are our family and we love our family as a whole. Bring on so many more years of our family adventures filled with love!

There you have it 4 years of Bisbee. Another wonderful year packed to the brim of wonderful memories and moments with our amazing pup.

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