Thursday, 20 December 2018

Review: Buckt - A Great New Way To Explore Birmingham And Beyond!

You may have read our review post for Buckt when we got our first subscription box, if you missed it you can check it out here.

That was a few months ago and since then we have used the subscription box to discover whole new areas, new activities and even discovered things we enjoyed so much we are going back!

With Annabelle being so young, and some of the activities being a bit 'grown up' for her we have also given family and friends the opportunity to review some activities on our behalf. There were a few October activities that we skipped all together due to being complete wusses - notably the Scare Maze at Walsall.

Of the last couple of months highlights have included:
Ice Hockey at Coventry Blaze - we went as a family of 3 and even though we missed the first third (as Annabelle was napping) we had a really enjoyable evening. The rules were easy to understand and the crowd was welcoming. Annabelle was mesmerized watching the players rush up and down and we loved seeing her face light up.

It reminded Laura of home and as it was easy to get to, easy to park we have decided to head to another game just before Christmas!

Magic Lantern Festival at Birmingham Botanical Gardens- we had been to this event before and really enjoyed it. We thought the lights would be something Annabelle enjoy, sadly though she slept through the whole thing, we still loved it though, you can see our full previous review here. Knowing what to expect we had planned to book tickets until we saw the £20 price tag so when our Buckt box turned up and included tickets we were so pleased. We even invited my parents along for the fun!

Walton Lion Air Rifle Shooting - was at a Social Club in Great Barr, on arrival there is a safety briefing and lesson on how to shoot by a club member. The pellets were unlimited and you have two tasks - the first is simply shooting at a paper target, the second is shooting through a hole from 10m away - do it and a bell rings!

There is a bar, it's cash only, that you can relax at afterwards and in great news after shooting we were told we could back and shot on any Tuesday for free. It was fun, everyone there was welcoming, friendly and knowledgeable. It's definitely worth trying out if you want something different to do.

Kitchen Garden Cafe Gig - Garry Colvin. An intimate venue in Birmingham and perfect for watching this kind of band play. The music was brilliant, the singer especially was very funny and made this much more than just 'watching a band'.

There has been so many other great activities included and we still have most of December's box to use. In just a few short months Buckt has shown us more of the local area than we have seen on 5 years and we have plenty of things to recommend to others. If you are looking for a great Christmas gift or want to discover more to do in the area check out

A single box is £12.50 - that's it! A dual box is £25. That's right, as a couple, your entire month's dates could cost you less than a dinner. Plus, if you use our code SARAHPLUSLAURA you get 50% off your first box. Oh and you can get them as gifts if you want to make someone's Christmas. It's on our wish list :)

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