Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Date Night Review: Mamma Mia!

Last Wednesday, we were invited by Superbreak to go see the London West End Musical 'Mamma Mia!' Having both seen the movie, we surprisingly came at this musical with very different opinions - Sarah, ever the 'cheese' lover, LOVES Mamma Mia and was so excited to see it on stage, but Laura was a bit skeptical, as she found the movie entirely cringe-worthy and vowed never to watch it again.
When we arrived at the theatre and received our tickets, Laura decided to go in with an open mind, and not pre-empt the inevitable fiasco that was about to occur. We took our seats, second row on the balcony, which was a fantastic view and made it seem like the cast were singing straight to us! We were impressed that there was a level above the balcony, this was a large theatre!

The show was, in a word, great. Surprisingly so for Laura, who found herself singing and dancing along with everyone else, and not once was she struck by any bad acting or bum notes. The actors and actresses kept the show interesting and engaging, the music was awesome (as expected, who doesn't love ABBA?), and the whole show had a low level of the 'cheese-factor' - no more than it meant to!

The only bit, in case someone from the show reads this, that we would change, is towards the end when the mother is getting ready for her daughter's wedding - the two songs, one with the daughter and one with Sam, seemed very long. I found myself watching a Chinese man who had fallen asleep in one of the boxes (though I think the sleep may have been from jetlag more than the show, don't worry!) - perhaps the two songs could both be shortened so we still get the point but don't have to listen to it hammered home.

The best bit was the finale, with everyone on stage and off dancing and singing to ABBA classics - it was so much fun! We decided we would both definitely go again, or recommend it to people looking for a fun, lighthearted show in London.

Thank you Superbreaks for the opportunity!

If you want to check out the deal for yourself it's here: http://www.superbreak.com/search/site/Mamma%20Mia

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  1. I loved Abba music growing up... I am really dating myself here... I think I would enjoy the musical... another item on my bucket list :)


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