Sunday, 14 July 2013

The Dulux Color Run: The Happiest 5K on the Planet!

Yesterday I turned 30 and I had the most amazing day - I will come back to that in another post though as there is so much that I am still getting over! Lets just say it was the best start to the year ahead.

Today, however, we had no time to recover as we had to be up and ready to get to the Color Run at Wembley - the first in the UK! We had seen lots of photos as there is one in Laura's hometown, and was SO excited for it to get here.

We had organised to meet our friends Karen and Kirsty at my sister's house so we could park our cars and make our way to Wembley Stadium by public transport. Thankfully it was only a 10 minute walk to the bus stop and our timing meant we arrived just as they were opening up the area.

Wembley Stadium dominates the skyline as you approach it and works well as a setting for the run. It also has plenty of space surrounding it which meant the Color Run had set up check in tents, first aid tent, shop tent and plenty of portaloos! It was so well organised, we were really impressed.

Dulux had sponsored the event and had their guys guiding and directing people with megaphones bouncing on mini trampolines. They also organised for a 'paint' themed warm up to get everyone ready for the race.

We had been told in the pre-event info that we could be in the 'start chute' for up to 40 minutes and to make sure and bring water. It was good advice! In 30 degree heat the 40 minutes was HOT! We had finished our water by the time we got to the start line!

When we had discussed doing the 5k the distance seemed daunting - we don't run, we don't jog - in fact we don't really do much (intentional) physical exercise - let alone physical exercise in 30 degree heat! It's amazing what providing entertainment can do to help 5k fly past. At every 1k color stations had been set up.

First was PINK....




Then as you finish the 5k you are welcomed by everyone throwing packets of color and you can't quite believe it's over.

We did manage to jog a fair amount of the course but it all honesty it was hard to do, not because of the distance, or the heat but because 80% of the people doing the run were walking/skipping/dancing. As soon as we started jogging we'd be dodging people and in the end we enjoying talking and photographing in our walking sections.

The color stations were awesome. We had tried to explain to people before the event what 'having color thrown at you' meant and I don't think it's anything you can truly understand until you are standing in a cloud of colourful dust. As you arrive at the station there are Dulux people either side with boxes of colour powder and they literally throw it at you, over you, on you - everywhere! We learnt not to inhale too quickly or deeply - it doesn't taste too good and Laura ended up sounding like a man from all the dust in her throat!

At the end of the run/jog/walk you are greeted by a party and we were quick to join in. They were playing party tunes and we can agree it was certainly the 'Happiest 5k' we've ever seen. The fun runs I have seen don't have people jumping and dancing around at the end.

Before and after!
We stayed for an hour then headed home. After being out for 6 hours we were feeling the heat but we would definitely do it again, we had a great day! Thanks, Color Run for coming to the UK!


  1. I have been wanting to run a 5K, this sounds like so much fun...

    I am working on getting to run... I am sprinting while I am walking... it feels so good...

    1. Great job Launna, keep it up, we will too!! x

  2. So, did you get some weird looks travelling on the bus after this? How long did it take to wash the colour off? Fun time! xxx

    1. Yes we really did haha!! most of the colour was off in one shower, but we had stains (me between my fingers, Sarah on her scalp!) for a few days afterwards! So much fun though! x


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