Monday, 29 July 2013

Our Wedding: 11 Months (Yesterday) ♥

Oops! We missed our 11 month mark because we were off visiting friends in Kent!

We can't believe it has already been one month since we wrote the 'A Year to Go' post. It's absolutely flown.

This month, we've been pretty preoccupied to be honest - between Sarah's 30th and Lauren & Sarah's wedding (post coming soon), we haven't done a ton of wedding planning!

We sent out our Save the Dates, as you know, here's a little preview below!

One thing we learned this month that we were surprised at was that people will receive your Save the Date and not say anything to you. We found it a bit odd, we always are so excited for the weddings we attend that we contact the bride/groom, but some people didn't say anything, or forgot until we mentioned it - I suppose if you don't know if you can come yet the temptation may be to not say anything. Obviously we know there was no harm meant, but it just felt a tad awkward asking our guests in the UK and Oz (they were sent from the USA) if they got it, in case (as some of our stuff has) got lost in the mail, so thought we'd mention! We never really thought about it before but next time you receive an invitation to a wedding, just let the couple know you got it, even if you don't know if you can come! It will just show them that you appreciate the time and effort they put into the save the dates, and are excited to be invited! 

But on the positive side, which we can't forget of course, lots of people did contact us, thank us, put up pics of them, say how much they loved them... our bridesmaid Julia definitely has some new fans, and it made our wedding seem so much more real! We've also received our first few official RSVPs! So exciting!

In other news, thanks again to Julia, we found our bridesmaid dresses! We were having a difficult time with them as the ones we had decided on became sold out, and the designer didn't know when she could get in the same colour fabric again. After a bit of searching around, we'd come across a dress we were pretty happy with, but not over the moon - then Jules suggested this site, and we are ordering the dresses as soon as we get all the measurements in from our girls!

We've chosen a wedding band, all booked, and have been told we need to start looking at wedding dresses. We are both excited and really dreading this bit of the process. It's one of the few things we really just don't want to do! It seems so daunting, and with two dresses, it can go so wrong - if they look too similar, are slightly off colour, too different... but we know a few couples who have really gotten it right, so we're sure itt'll be fine, its just a tad daunting. We've devoted August to starting this - so prepare for extreme excitement or lots of tears over the next few weeks haha!

We've focused a lot this past week on the lead up to the big day -what we will do with our guests in Vegas, as well as Boise the few days before. We are SO excited to get more RSVPs in and start properly planning this time - a bit worried we'll both want all new outfits for the whole week, but hey, we only do this once, right?

It's been fun as we've met up with a few people over this month and have actually ended up planning a USA trip for them around the wedding. We're like travel guides!

So, this next month we will be working on the dresses, continuing to get fit for our engagement photoshoot, also buy some new clothes for that, and our caterer quotes should be coming in soon. We're also working on favours, gifts, etc!

Oh and really awesome side note, one of the nights of our bachelorette party we want to do Superhero costumes, and it turns out Laura's office had a ton of superhero costumes they are getting rid of this week - so guess who has inherited Wonder Woman, Superman, Spiderman, and Wolverine costumes? :)

It's all go over here!


  1. Wow girls, this is becoming more real with each passing day... the year will fly... I so look forward to all the pictures of the wedding.. so excited for you two <3

    1. Thank you Launna! We are just getting more and more excited!! x

  2. No sign of the blog post suggested a few weeks ago by the anon on how you's came out to yourselves: feelings around that?

    1. Hi, nothing yet - it's taken us a bit more than we thought to make our feelings and story make sense written down haha! It's in the works and will be up today or tomorrow, promise!!


  3. I love this blog

    We found the the two dress thing hard to picture and had no idea where to start on getting two dresses to suit us individually while also working together... This blog also kept reminding us that there are no rules that we had to follow - so in the end we got 'married' (thanks Australia) in magenta and teal (which was totally perfect for us - we'll wear white when Australia get their act together!)

  4. Aghhhh!!! Those save the dates are too cute! Love it.

  5. definitely recommend lola bridal in northampton! Worth the trip there just to see there shop it's heavenly!


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